Kain meets Duncan the gatekeeper
Kain meets Duncan the gatekeeper

Duncan was a gatekeeper in the Lower City of Meridian in Blood Omen 2. He was not unique by any means (even his character-model was a common one), but he was named and therefore notable. It was his job to guard a gate, and only allow night shift workers through into the restricted area beyond. Kain dryly told him "I am the night shift", but failed to convince him to open the gate.[1]

Kain spoke with the Tapster of the Red Raven Pub as Umah instructed. The female Tapster said Kain should tell "that fool" Duncan he worked for Duckets Traders, then Duncan would let him through the gate to the workers' area. The ploy was successful, and it was left entirely to Kain's discretion whether or not he allowed the human to live afterwards.[2,3,4]


  1. [BO2] Duncan: "Restricted area. This passage is for night shift workers only."
    Kain: "I am the night shift."
    Duncan: "Then tell me, who do you work for?"
    Kain: "I work for no man."
    Duncan: "Move along and stop wasting my time."
    Kain: "We'll meet again. Soon."
  2. [BO2] Umah to Kain: Nearby is the Red Raven pub. Speak with the tapster; she will tell you what to do."
  3. [BO2] The Tapster to Kain: "No. If you tell that fool, Duncan, that you work for Duckets Traders, he'll let you through the gate to the workers' area."
  4. [BO2] Duncan: "I told you before. Workers only."
    Kain: "I work for Duckets Traders. Now, let me through"

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