Glyph Energy [BO2]

Kain directing Glyph energy from a Glyph
Kain directing Glyph energy from a Glyph

Glyph Energy featured in Blood Omen 2. It was used throughout Meridian as a power source, much like electricity. It was carried by a network of pipes, and it originated at the Glyphs mounted on many walls around the city. These Glyphs were maintained by the Glyphwrights.[1,2]

Umah described Glyph energy as "a new form of magic brought into the world with the rise of the Sarafan". It was likely derived from, or otherwise related to the Glyph Magic the Sarafan used against the vampires.[1]

Glyph energy was used almost everywhere Kain visited in Blood Omen 2. In the Upper City, the rich used it for lighting and to heat water. Even the Slum residents had access to it. Glyph energy proved useful to Kain, but it was also an inconvenience. He could often manipulate it to open gates or remove obstacles in his path, but it also powered the Ward Gates that restricted his freedom.[3,4,1]

A Glyph battery
A Glyph battery

Occasionally, Kain had to move large 'Glyph Batteries'. They appeared to be special conductors rather than Glyph energy sources, and they bridged gaps in the pipe network. Broken ones had to be replaced with functional ones. The batteries may have stored some Glyph energy, as they were fairly volatile. They could explode if they were exposed to concentrated lasers or a heavy impact. Prima's Official Blood Omen 2 Strategy Guide calls the batteries 'Glyph Eggs', in reference to their slightly ovoid shape.[5,6]

Kain did not learn the true intent behind Glyph energy until he visited the Eternal Prison. The residents of Meridian generally seemed to think it was a blessing, a generous gift from the Sarafan, but this was not the case. The Glyphs and the network of pipes that carried the energy were intended for a darker purpose.[4,7]

The Builder told Kain that they were designed to be a conduit for the lethal mental energy of the Mass. When the Sarafan Lord used the Device, all creatures in Nosgoth would die, except the Hylden. The energy was a small concession so that the people would not question the network's construction.[7]

Further Observations

In Blood Omen 2, Janos mentioned that the Sarafan Lord required "humans to drain of energy" before he could invade Nosgoth. Some unused Device slave dialogue, not present in the released game, elaborates on this. A slave claims: "They [the Hylden] have found a way to use human minds, draining us of our life to feed their machines." Could Glyph energy possibly be human soul energy?[8,9]


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