Vorador's Hybrid Sword

Vorador with his curious sword
Vorador with his curious sword

Some players of Blood Omen have been curious about the sword wielded by Vorador. He used it during his attack on the Circle, and again when he fought with Malek at Dark Eden. At first glance, it appeared to resemble the Soul Reaver, but it was certainly not the same weapon.

The 'Miscellaneous Q&A' page of the Silicon Knights Blood Omen FAQ offers an explanation of its origins: Vorador's sword was a hybrid, the hilt was from the Bone Sword (which never made it into the game) and the blade was a shorter version of the Soul Reaver's blade.[1,2]

Since Defiance revealed that Vorador forged the Reaver, we can assume he made his hybrid sword too. The resemblance between the Reaver and his hybrid also makes more sense: it seems Vorador had a talent, and perhaps a preference for making swords with undulating (wavy) blades.[3]

Further Observations

It should be noted that concept art from one of the Blood Omen Maps of Nosgoth shows Vorador wielding a straight-bladed sword. Also, Vorador did not appear to be using his hybrid sword in Defiance - his weapon in that game looked very different - but this could be due to minor design inconsistency across the games.


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