Blood Omen: Nosgothic Businesses

In Blood Omen era Nosgoth, five different types of business appeared to thrive. While many of the shops were unnamed, signs identified quite a few. These are listed below.

A tavern's sign The most popular type of business, and Nachtholm's speciality. Kain was killed outside of an unnamed tavern in Ziegsturhl.

An armoury's sign The weapon-makers of Nosgoth who provided arms to the population. With all the brigands around (not to mention creatures of the night), a sensible person carried weapons.

A brothel's sign These provided a service to lonely locals or frustrated travellers. Apparently it was a profitable business, as the brothels seemed more luxurious than many of the houses that surrounded them.

A butcher's sign The butchers helped to keep Nosgoth's citizens supplied with food, but they were not particularly hygienic. The Willendorf residents clearly liked their meat.

A blacksmith's sign Blacksmiths kept weapons and armour in good condition. This was an important business in Willendorf with its large army.

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