Defiance: Lovecraft's Diary

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The image caption (by Lucent)

It is clear in this screenshot that the font displayed on the wheel is "Lovecraft's Diary". After doing some investigation and a little translation work, I have discovered that a portion of the message on the wheel (all that I have been able to accurately compare) says "The Book is the ke" the last word I can only imagine is key. The other periphery fonts I'm still looking for, but when I find them I will expand this image to unlock more of the secrets of Legacy of Kain: Defiance.
~Lucent 10.15.2003

Description of the image

This image shows part of a screenshot, made available to the public during Defiance's pre-release publicity. It shows most of a circular relief - a carving - which forms part of Avernus Cathedral's altar. There are symbols around the edge of this carving, which Lucent identified and translated to mean: "The Book is the key". Although it looks like the message would continue beyond this, no more of the carving is visible.

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