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1. Where did Raziel first catch up with Kain after going through the Chronoplast portal?

2. Who did Raziel meet as he left the Dark Forge?

3. Which of the four Reaver forges did not contain murals of the Ancient Vampires?

4. Which of the four Reaver forges was the furthest to the south?

5. How many times did Raziel converse with the Elder God in this game?

6. How many of the Sarafan Inquisitors used swords in their battle against Raziel?

7. The Elder God appeared to be at its largest in which time period?

8. In the Sarafan Stronghold's murals, which of the martyred Sarafan Inquisitors was depicted with a demonic creature (Raziel) behind him?

9. When Raziel threatened Moebius into operating the Time Streaming device for him, what elemental affinity did the wraith-blade have?

10. Which of the Sarafan Inquisitors was absent during the murder of Janos Audron?

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