This is a copy of the Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain FAQ, produced by Silicon Knights, and previously hosted on their website ( As it is no longer available there, it has been archived here for the time being. Click here to return to Dark Chronicle.

Legacy of Kain: The Plot

The Intro

Mortanius offers Kain Vengance Kain in the Castle of Willendorf

A young nobleman stops at a bar to sate his thirst. To his dismay the barkeep is quite reluctant to serve him, noting the time and the looming danger the night brings. Disheartened, the young nobleman, Kain, resumes his journey. On the streets of the small town of Ziegturl our unfortunate Kain is attacked and slain. He awakens in the underworld where the Necromancer, Mortanius, offers Kain the chance to kill his assassins. Kain accepts the offer without considering the cost, which was the loss of his mortality in trade for an existence as a vampire.

The Cemetery

Kain will begin his odyssey in a crypt. This will introduce you to the things to look out for. Kain's first spell, his first artifact, and the other powerups to watch for. Each item will give a description of what it is the first time you pick them up. The only exception to this is the magic orb. These will replenish Kain's magic level. The most difficult puzzle is figuring out how to open the doors. Look for the lights on the wall. They will point out buttons that will open the doors. Once Kain has left his mausoleum, he will be in the cemetery. Kain should not discount this place. It holds many secrets that can be exploited throughout the game. To exit the cemetery Kain must proceed through the next mausoleum. Make note of places you couldn't go. With added abilities these no longer remain barriers.

The Brigand Encounter

Once Kain leaves the cemetery he will want to seek vengeance from those who killed him. After killing the brigands Mortanius will give you the first indication as to the complexity of your quest.

The Pillars

Kain visiting Ariel at the Pillars

Kain will encounter the Pillars of Nosgoth on his Journey. There, Ariel, the representative of the pillar of balance will inform Kain that the salvation of Nosgoth will would be in his best interest. After leaving the pillars Kain will come upon a bat beacon. These will allow him to fly around Nosgoth. To progress on to Nupraptor's Retreat, Kain must get the Wolf form which is in a cave to the west of the Pillars. There is also a mausoleum along the path which contains the light spell. This spell is very useful in dark areas to reveal hidden enemies and powerups.


Nupraptor's Skull Fortress

Nupraptor represents the pillar of the mind. His madness was caused by the murder of his beloved Ariel. To negotiate Nupraptors retreat Kain will require several items. To actually gain entrance to the retreat, Kain will require the Disguise form which can be found in the Gypsy camp to the south of Wasserbund. Kain will also require the energy bolt spell to trigger buttons that are out of his reach. The spell can be found in a mausoleum to the south of Nactholm.

When confronting Nupraptor, look for the purple orbs that fade in and out and allow Kain passage. After defeating Nupraptor Kain will receive the mace, an excellent weapon against humans but fairly ineffectual against the undead.


After the head of Nupraptor has been returned to the Pillars, Kain must go home to the city of Coorhagen. The city has been infested with the plague since his departure. Kain must navigate the narrow alleys of the city to reach Malek. In the city Kain will find the Bone Armour and The Repel Shield. If Kain is observant he will also find the Hate spell before he leaves the city.

Malek's Bastion

One of the machines in Malek's Bastion

Before Kain can kill the remaining members of the circle of nine he must defeat their protector. Malek was cursed to be the protector of the circle of nine for all eternity as well as the representative of the pillar of conflict. The Repel Shield is very useful here since the supply of blood is almost non-existent. Kain should budget his magic and step lightly to avoid depleting his blood supply. When fighting Malek Kain must hit him with a full combination swing. If Kain is successful, Malek will fall apart. Repeat this until Malek rushes to the north end of his battle room. He will cast a wall of magical force at Kain, which means Kain should run to the teleporter at the south of the room. Once out of harms way Kain will find Havoc and Malice. When used properly these axes can be very powerful weapons.

The Oracle of Nosgoth

From all across Nosgoth, people seek audience with the Oracle of Nosgoth. He is said to have knowledge of past and future, and many seek to find answers to their questions from him. Indeed, he is a wise and benevolent man, proficient in the arts of divination and prophecy. He will answer many of Kain's questions about the key players are, and introduce Kain to future encounters. Along the path to the Oracle Kain can find the Stun spell. Inside the crystal caves of the Oracle, Kain will encounter odd creatures. Use your mace to break through some of the barriers. They will reveal powerups. Also, keep the Energy Bolt equipped to pursuade your enemies to let you pass. The crystal caves are a labyrinth. Just proceed forward and try not to go backward. Kains' path will cross over itself. If he constantly proceeds forward the path will lead him to the Oracle.


Vorador tells his tale

Vorador is a proud, arrogant, and long lived vampire. He has lived since ancient times, and seen the world grow from being young and vibrant to sour and corrupt. He has feasted upon the teeming human cattle of Nosgoth and learned everything there is to know about the world, reading his victims thoughts as he preyed upon their blood. The great vampire purges, brought to the world by the Sarafan, caused much suffering to Vorador. The Sarafan murdered his friends, lovers, and his vampire children and gave him a valid reason to hate the living. He fought back once, destroying part of the Circle who supported the Sarafan, but it was not enough. The purges eventually drove him into hiding, and so he became lost to the world of Nosgoth.

Vorador's Mansion

To navigate the mansion Kain will require several items. He will require mist form which is hidden in a keep in the north near the caves of the Oracle. He will need the Control Mind spell, the Flame Sword and the Blood Gout spell all of which are in the swamp to the west of the mansion. There are also two Spirit Forges in the swamp that could prove useful. The swamp and mansion are infested with the lower forms of undead. The Bone Armour will keep those enemies at bay. Kain should stay alert because there are plenty of hidden areas in the mansion. Also, keep in mind that Vorador is a vampire and his mansion is built to exploit the powers at a vampires disposal. Use the mind control spell on the few humans inside - their bodies will help you progress through the mansion.



East of Vorador's Mansion is the small town of Uschtenhiem. It is rumored that eons ago a powerful vampire known as Janos Audron once lived here. It may require going to a place of the dead to reveal the secrets of the dead.

The Dark Eden

Near Dark Eden things get a bit Hot!

At the northern end of Nosgoth, there are three wizards who plan to reshape Nosgoth. Anarcrothe, Bane and Dejoule preside over the Dark Eden. Along the road from Uschtenhiem there is a blood fountain that Kain will need to visit. Once inside the Dark Eden Cathedral, Kain should keep his antitoxin artifacts handy. Remember that poison blood is very useful if cured. Also there are several doors that may seem impenetrable but can be passed through using the Mist form. Kain will also find the Spirit Death spell and the Flesh Amour. Use the Flesh Armour and the Axes to fill your blood vile before you proceed to meet the wizards. Anarcrothe will flee and call Malek. Kain will in turn call Vorador (with Vorador's ring) to deal with Malek and give chase to the remaining wizards. Use the Flame Sword against Bane but make sure Kain has his Repel Shield on. Once Bane is dead, Kain should turn his attention to Dejoule. Fire the Energy Bolt her way to penetrate her shields. Keep those Energy Bank artifacts handy.


Inside the Avernus Cathedral

Azimuth is an explorer of alien realms. Her magic opens portals and doorways to other dimensions. After the insanity struck, her magic was left intact, but her mind was blasted into obscurity. She is now a raving lunatic that revels in the pain and misfortune of others. The magic she indiscriminately conjures has left the city of Avernus at the mercy of inhuman demons and creatures that delight in spreading pain.

Heaven and...

Along the path from the Dark Eden Kain may be fortunate enough to find the Lightning spell. Once inside the gates of Avernus, there will be a house to the east of the main gate. There will be a save point in that house. Kain's goal is to get to the Cathedral and destroy Azimuth. The Spirit Wrack spell is quite useful against the demons and if Kain has enough Antitoxins, the Flesh Armour and the Axes will keep Kain's blood vile full.


The cathedral exists in two planes of existence. Kain must travel back and forth between these planes to navigate to the altar. Once at the altar, Kain must rise to heaven to obtain the Soul Reaver and then descend to Hell to obtain the Wraith Armour. When facing off against Azimuth try to get behind her. One blow with the Soul Reaver should eliminate her.


Willendorf Castle - Main Hallway

King Ottmar, the ruler of Willendorf, resides in this sombre area. For his daughter's birthday he held a contest to find the greatest toy in the land. The contest was won by Elzevir the Dollmaker. Elzevir asked only for a lock of the princess' hair which, unbeknownst to the king, would be used to imprison the princess' soul. Kain needs to retrieve the princess' soul so that Ottmar will mobilise his army against the approaching army of the Nemesis. The path will lead Kain to the Provincial mines which will give him the ability to beguile the guards of Willendorf and gain access to the city. Also, the last of the Blood Fountains and a Spirit Forge are south of the city and will prove quite useful later on. To pass on to the land of the Nemesis, where Elzevir resides, Kain must use the underground passage in Willendorf castle. In the foyer of the castle, there is a door on the west wall. In that room Kain will find the passage.

Elzevir the Dollmaker

Kain fighting his way through the Dollmaker's

Elzevir imprisoned the soul of the daughter of King Ottmar. His reasons are unknown and open for speculation. The Spirit Wrack spell is necessary to gain entrance to the Dollmaker's house. The spell can be found to the North of Willendorf. There is a bat beacon next to a group of tents, the spell is in a cave near there. Kain will exit the underground passage next to a Nemesis keep. Use this area to practice with the Beguile spell but be warned the Nemesis soldiers are not as easily fooled as the armies of King Ottmar. Inside the Dollmaker's house there are several areas where the Spirit Wrack spell comes in handy, specifically, it can be used to control dolls that will flip levers for Kain. The Chaos Armour can be useful here as the dolls will fall apart when they hit Kain. The dolls will reconstitute if not completely destroyed so the Energy Bolt spell and the Flame Sword are quite handy. A warning for Kain, be careful with the Spirit Wrack spell, it does not destroy the dolls' bodies. As well, Kain's enemies are not fooled by the spell, they will attack the character that Kain is controlling. When fighting Elzevir, bring out the big guns. Providing you have enough magic, the Soul Reaver is best. When leaving the Dollmaker's, you may want to visit the Nemesis stronghold. The last Spirit Forge lies to the north as well.

The Battle of the Last Stand

The Last Battle

Once the Kain returns to Willendorf with the princess' soul, King Ottmar will prepare for war with the Army of the Nemesis. During the Last Battle, it is in Kain's best interest to try to constantly proceed north. As far as what is the best weapon armour combination, you have to remember that the nemesis army is human. The Flesh Armour and the Axes will keep Kain well stocked with blood if used properly. However, if spells are more to your taste use the Chaos Armour and the Mace in conjunction with Blood shower is quite a powerful combination. If you tend to keep spells as a last resort and prefer to go mano a mano with the Nemesis army then use the Wraith armour and the Mace keep the Stun spell handy for those tight squeezes.

The Past Nosgoth

The Nemesis' Castle - Kain evesdropping from above

After the Battle of the Last Stand, Kain will use the Time Streaming Device. The device transports Kain to the past. After killing a brigand, Kain receives a vision. Soon Kain will realise where in time he is. He also realises that he can save Nosgoth by eliminating King William the Just who would, in time, become the Nemesis of Nosgoth. The Stronghold of William the Just lies to the North. Save points are scarce in this area so it's best to know exactly where they are. There is one in the keep where Kain arrives in the past. There is a door on the North wall of the keep just to the west of the main gate. In the city of Stahlberg, there is a second save point. On the west side of the city there is a gate. There is a house directly to the east of the gate with an open door. In that house Kain will find another save point. The best guards protect the stronghold so use similar tactics as with the Last Battle. Be warned, the castle is not as wide open as a battle field and Kain can get backed into a corner. Do not begin feeling omnipotent. Take each attacker on as the come and do not rush into anything. The mace is a very powerful weapon here. Also save up those Energy Bank artifacts, Kain will need them when squaring off against King William.

The New Nosgoth

The Collapsed Collosus

After defeating King William, Kain will once again be transported in time. He has changed the progression of time and so things are no longer the way they were when he left. With the death of their beloved King the people have sworn to eliminate the land of vampires. A groups of vampire hunters has been formed to accomplish this task. Kain should backtrack to reach his ultimate goal. He should treat the vampire hunters with the same care as the Nemesis army. Once out of the stronghold Kain should continue to head south keeping in mind that the people have changed but the places have not. Once Kain reaches the keep where Moebius is executing Vorador he will have to face off against enemies from the past the present and the future. The Repel Shield is your best bet here. The last enemy Kain will encounter is the future version of himself. He will continually attempt to attack you from behind so stay in the middle and try to anticipated his next move.

The Final Encounter with Mortanius

When Moebius is killed, Kain will be called back to the pillars. There he will witness the death of Anarcrothe at the hands of Mortanius, thus confirming that Mortanius is not as friendly as he had originally presented himself to be. With the rest of the pillars restored, Mortanius is the only enemy left. The Flame Sword and the Repel Shield will aid Kain in killing Mortanius. After defeating Mortanius, the Dark Entity (Hash'ak'gik) rises from his body. When Kain faces the Dark Entity he should use his Mist form for protection. When the Entity dives below ground, change to mist to avoid being hit when the Entity pops back up. When the Entity surfaces change back to Kain and attack the Entity with either the Soul Reaver or the Flame sword. After Defeating the Dark Entity the balance pillar is left to restore.

Kain has two choices, he must decide to either sacrifice himself to restore balance to the world and save Nosgoth, or sacrifice Nosgoth to maintain his afterlife as the (new) most powerful entity in the land.