The Legacy of Kain Series: Soul Reaver 2 (2001)

A montage of characters from The Legacy of Kain Series: Soul Reaver 2 (2001)


Following the cliff-hanger ending of Soul Reaver, fans eagerly awaited the release of this sequel, expecting that it would offer the resolution of Kain and Raziel's dispute, one way or the other. In this regard, they were to be disappointed, but Soul Reaver 2 more than made up for it by expanding the Legacy of Kain storyline even further. Raziel's quest for revenge became dwarfed by his growing understanding of Nosgoth's history, and his crucial role in it. Much to the delight of Blood Omen fans, Soul Reaver 2 was full of nods and references to that first game; old characters returned, and its monumental events pulled the plotlines of first two games together into one fantastically rich tapestry.

In terms of gameplay, Soul Reaver 2 was very similar to Soul Reaver, although it was more linear and there was less scope for exploration. Raziel emerges from the Chronoplast time portal to find himself in the Sarafan Stronghold, in the company of Moebius the Time Streamer. Although aware of Moebius' reputation for deceit, Raziel allows the Time Guardian to introduce him to this unfamiliar era he now inhabits, thirty years before the events of Blood Omen.

Raziel is initially still keen to find and kill Kain, but he soon gets distracted from this task by the allure of Nosgoth's mysterious and long-forgotten past.

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