The Abyss

The Abyss, a green whirlpool surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls
The Abyss, a green whirlpool surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls

The Abyss featured in Soul Reaver. Located in the Lake of the Dead, it was a large whirlpool, surrounded by cliffs and fed by waterfalls. Two flat-topped rock platforms overhung it, and the violently-swirling water appeared to eminate a green glow.[1]

The Abyss was the execution ground for "traitors and weaklings" in Kain's empire. The water burned the vampires as if it was acid, so the death caused by this place was slow and torturous.[1,2]

When Raziel presented his newly-grown wings to Kain and the Council at the beginning of Soul Reaver, he had surpassed Kain's own vampiric evolution. That was unheard of: Kain had always evolved before his descendants. Kain tore the wings from Raziel's back, and for his trangression, Raziel was carried to the Abyss by Turel and Dumah. They threw him in on Kain's orders. Rahab, Zephon and Melchiah were witnesses.[3,4]

The Spectral Realm cavern underneath the Abyss
The Spectral Realm cavern underneath the Abyss

As Raziel fell in the depths of the Abyss, "time ceased to exist" for him. It seemed like an eternity of agony, which fostered a "deepening hatred of the hypocrisy that damned [him] to this hell". Raziel, understandably, could not comprehend what he had done to deserve his fate; he had served Kain loyally for a millennium. It appeared that Kain had ordered Raziel's execution because of a jealous whim; Raziel's evolution had challenged Kain's unquestioned superiority.[5,6]

During the descent, his body was ravaged by the water, but Raziel was not utterly obliterated. He became a skeletal, jawless figure with blue skin and muscle. Eventually, he came to rest at the bottom of the Abyss, and it was there Raziel encountered the Elder God for the first time. It claimed responsibility for Raziel's continued existence, saying it had spared him from "total dissolution". Raziel was no longer a vampire, but instead a soul-devouring wraith; a creature of the Spectral Realm that needed to draw matter to itself in order to manifest in the Material Realm.[5,7,8,9,10]

Raziel at the Abyss
Raziel at the Abyss

The Elder God initiated Raziel's quest for vengeance against Kain and his former, vampire brethren. Seeing the Sanctuary of the Clans in a derelict state, Raziel realized "centuries had apparently passed" between his execution and resurrection. When Raziel arrived at the Abyss, he noted that "the endlessly swirling vortex" had "remained constant", despite other changes to Nosgoth's landscape. The cliffs gave him his bearings, allowing him to identify the route to his clan territory.[11,12,13]

Kain was not surprised when Raziel returned to seek retribution. When Raziel found Kain waiting for him in the Sanctuary of the Clans, Kain simply said: "The Abyss has been unkind."[14]

Defiance revealed that because of Raziel's "remaking" in the Abyss, he was the one creature in Nosgoth who actually had free will, and was unbound from the Wheel of Fate. This was Kain's terrible gamble, based on his understanding of the Ancient Vampires' prophesies, and the roles he and Raziel were destined to play. Kain had hoped that by executing Raziel, he would have a chance to reclaim his destined role as the Scion of Balance. It was no jealous whim; he had staked everything on Raziel's return. Kain needed Raziel to exert that ability to choose and reshape their "inevitable futures".[15,16,17]

Further Observations

In Blood Omen Vorador said "it would be such a pity to lose [Kain] to the abyss". Vorador couldn't have been referring to 'the Abyss' - as described in this article - as it did not exist as a physical location in that game. Vorador's comment was likely a throwaway metaphor; a fancy way of saying it would be a shame if Kain died. The term 'the abyss' is used as another name for the Spectral Realm or the Underworld in the Soul Reaver Background Story. In fact, most times the term is used, it can be referring to either the whirlpool, or the Spectral Realm/Underworld in general; it depends on how you interpret what Kain and Raziel are saying.[18,19]

The Abyss whirlpool in Soul Reaver appears to be located directly over where the Lost City was in Blood Omen. Amy Hennig (Director and storywriter of Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance) has said there is a connection between the two, but at the current time, there is no information as to what that link is.[20]


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