The Bishop of Meridian

The Bishop of Meridian, ally to the Cabal
The Bishop of Meridian, ally to the Cabal

The Bishop of Meridian featured in Blood Omen 2. He was an unlikely ally of the Cabal.

In Blood Omen 2 Umah was captured by the Sarafan in the Industrial Quarter. She was imprisoned in the Sarafan Keep, awaiting execution. Vorador was anxious to save her life, so he sent Kain to the Upper City to talk with the Bishop of Meridian.[1]

The bishop knew of a way for Kain to infiltrate the Sarafan Keep, and, with this knowledge, Kain would have a better chance of successfully rescuing Umah. Kain was surprised that a bishop would help the Cabal. Vorador explained that the bishop's faith in an afterlife was weak, and he sought to prolong his existence with a reward of vampiric immortality (the Dark Gift). As an older man, it appeared he had become increasingly aware of his own mortality, and feared death.[2]

Kain encountered Marcus shortly after entering the Upper City. The traitor vampire used his Dark Gift: 'Charm' on Kain. It didn't work as well as Marcus hoped, but Marcus read Kain's mind, and learned of Kain's intention to find the bishop. A race followed between the two vampires, as Marcus threatened to kill the bishop before Kain could reach him.[3]

Both Kain and Marcus headed for the bishop's manor. When Kain arrived there, the place was overrun by Sarafan troops, but - after a bit of threat and persuasion - the bishop's butler pointed Kain to the cathedral. He said the bishop had fled there, where he thought he would be safe.[4]

Kain finally found the bishop in the Upper City's cathedral, but he was too late. Although the bishop still lived, Marcus had enslaved him, preventing him from speaking. Kain had to kill Marcus to free the bishop from his influence. When Marcus was dead, the bishop thanked Kain, and showed him how to get into the Sarafan Keep, despite his belief that it was "a fool's errand, to enter the very maw of the beast".[5,6,7]


  1. [BO2] Cabal Vampire: "Umah was searching the main building in the Industrial Quarter as you asked. I stood guard outside. She Whispered to me that she had found something important."
    Vorador: "What was it?"
    Cabal Vampire: "I do not know. Before she could tell me, she was discovered by Sarafan Knights. I went to help her but there were guards everywhere; I could not reach her. I heard them say she would be brought to the Sarafan Keep for public execution."
  2. [BO2] Vorador to Kain: "The promise of immortality can be very persuasive for a Bishop whose faith in an afterlife is... wanting. The bishop knows a secret entrance to the Sarafan Keep. You will find him in the Upper City. Tell him I sent you, and he will give you access to the Keep."
  3. [BO2] Marcus: "No matter. My mental powers still allowed me to read your thoughts. You seek the Bishop of Meridian, do you not? He has some information that you require."
    Kain: "Clever trick."
    Marcus: "I will ensure that you never get that information. You may find the good Bishop, Kain, but when you do, he will be dead..."
  4. [BO2] Butler: "I beg you, be merciful, good sir. I am - I was - butler to the Bishop of Meridian. But the Sarafan, th... they're inside now. I... I thought I would wait here."
    Kain: "Where are they?"
    Butler: "They accused the Bishop of aiding the Vampire Resistance. They're looking for proof. I beg of you, do not tell them where to find me. I will do anything."
    Kain: "Yes. You will. Tell me where to find the Bishop."
    Butler: "I... I can't, I... I mean I don't know."
    Kain: "Shall I ease your mind and tell you I am sent by Vorador for the Vampire Resistance. Or shall I simply tear out your throat and continue my search? I leave the decision to you."
    Butler: "The cathedral. He fled there. He thought he would be safe."
  5. [BO2] Marcus to Kain (referring to the Bishop): "He speaks only at my command."
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