Decaying, diseased bodies were everywhere in Coorhagen
Decaying, diseased bodies were everywhere in Coorhagen

Coorhagen was a far north-western settlement Kain passed through in Blood Omen. It was Kain's former home, and probably the place of his birth.[1]

Kain described Coorhagen as "the finest city in all of Nosgoth, rich in vanity and conceit". He knew, as a vampire, he would no longer be welcomed by its inhabitants. His noble heritage would be ignored.[1]

Kain found that Coorhagen had changed much since he left. A plague had taken hold of the city, and decaying bodies littered the streets. Corpses were piled high on carts and in the desolate buildings. As Kain commented rather bleakly, it was "a perfect homecoming". The blocked paths and roads made it impossible for Kain to walk straight through Coorhagen. Instead he had to find his way through a maze of houses and underground dungeons.[2]

Once Kain emerged from the north outskirts of Coorhagen, he was able to spot Malek's Bastion, and fly to it in Bat Form.

Further Observations

Coorhagen was apparently loyal to King Ottmar of Willendorf, as the lion sigil could be seen on many wall-hung tapestries there, and Kain himself said the "Lion Throne had once held [his] allegiance".[3]

Kain obtained the Bone Armor and the 'Repel' spell from Coorhagen. The secret 'Inspire Hate' spell could also be found there.[4]


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