DeJoule the Energist

Bane convinces DeJoule to flee with him while Malek faces Vorador
Bane convinces DeJoule to flee with him while Malek faces Vorador

DeJoule the Energist (also written as Dejoule) was the Guardian of the Pillar of Energy - one of the Circle of Nine - in Blood Omen. Her magical talent was in gathering and directing energy for her own purposes.[1,2]

The power DeJoule wielded had affected her body over the years, altering her physical form. Her body glowed brightly, 'with an intense blue light, constantly caressed by tongues of flickering energy'. This aura could be very harmful to those who ventured too close to her. It could blister skin and sterilize cells.[2]

To contain her power, DeJoule wore a heavy robe. It was made of a dense but pliant alloy, and woven into fine links. Kain said: "It served to both gather and shield the sorceress from the forces of energy she commanded".[2,3]

Malek appears to defend Bane, DeJoule (centre) and Anarcrothe in Dark Eden's tower
Malek appears to defend Bane, DeJoule (centre) and Anarcrothe in Dark Eden's tower
DeJoule's body glowing with energy
DeJoule's body glowing with energy

Mortanius and Ariel directed Kain to a region called 'Dark Eden' to find three members of the Circle working together in "a plot to twist the land, to shape the world". Approaching the tower in the centre, Kain observed that a "vortex of energy" spewed from the apex of the tower, creating a dome that "expanded, absorbing and recreating, consuming life and leaving behind only a twisted parody".[3,4]

Kain found the three Guardians reponsible for the sorcery in the tower: Anarcrothe, Bane and DeJoule. Anarcrothe called upon Malek and then vanished. Kain responded by summoning Vorador to assist him against the Paladin, then chased Bane and DeJoule as they escaped outside. He was forced to fight them both at once, in an open-air area containing water and earth.[3]

During the battle, DeJoule discarded her robe and further defended herself by standing in the body of water. She also summoned spheres of energy to act as shields while she fired energy bolts at Kain. It was not enough to save her, however. When Kain killed her, he claimed her Insulating Robe and returned it to the Pillars of Nosgoth.

Further Observations

This piece of Unused Dialogue suggests that even her fellow Guardians were not safe from DeJoule's dangerous energy field:

"The cloak's lining was scorched and melted. It served as an insulator, made to protect DeJoule's colleagues from her deadly radiance, lest it char and burn them to withered, smouldering husks."[5]


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