Eyeless Wretches

An Eyeless Wretch
An Eyeless Wretch

Eyeless Wretches appeared in Blood Omen 2. They were the primary inhabitants of the Eternal Prison. They were humans, almost exclusively female, who had been condemned to suffer for all eternity within the prison's walls. Their crimes were left a mystery. They wore bloodstained pale-coloured outfits, similar to hospital gowns.

The Wretches weren't always confined in cells. Just as often, they could be found wandering blindly through the prison's rooms and corridors. Their eyelids had been sewn shut - presumably by the Prison Guardians - and their name suggests their eyes had been removed entirely.[1]

Their lack of sight made them vulnerable to the prison's many hazards. They could do little to protect themselves from the Guardians' experiments, Demon Spiders, or the deranged vampire, Magnus. Kain witnessed a male Wretch fleeing from Magnus.

The harmless Wretches would sometimes talk when Kain approached, but they didn't make much sense. Years, perhaps even centuries of torture and imprisonment had driven them to madness.[2]


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