Guardian Gargoyles (Watcher Guardians)

A Guardian Gargoyle
A Guardian Gargoyle

Guardian Gargoyles (as they were called in Prima's Official Defiance Strategy Guide) appeared in Defiance.[1]

They served a similar function to the Soul Reaver 2 Sentry Eyes, although they weren't lethal like the Sentries were. They were wall-mounted proximity monitors, which resembled the heads of birds.

If Raziel or Kain ventured too close to a Gargoyle - in the Material Realm - it would lock its gaze on them, and trigger an automatic response to their approach. As the Gargoyles generally defended doorways, the common response was to close that door until Kain or Raziel moved out of range again. The first Guardian Gargoyles in Defiance were in the Cemetery.[2]

Kain didn't have any means to sneak past the Gargoyles, so he was forced to find another route around them. Things were easier for Raziel: once he acquired the Dark Reaver, he could use its spell to make himself invisible so the Gargoyles could not track him.

Further Observations

Prima's Official Defiance Strategy Guide also refers to the Guardian Gargoyles as 'Watcher Guardians' in its description of Raziel's Reavers.[1]


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