Irmok The Mad

The lunatic in Steinchencröe
The lunatic in Steinchencröe

Irmok the Mad was a minor character who appeared in Blood Omen. Kain found a madman in the north-western corner of Steinchencröe. The lunatic was intently stirring the contents of a pot. Unafraid of the vampire before him, he spoke, happily acknowledging Kain as an outcast of society like himself. He told Kain that other people would speak to him if he knew "how to look".[1]

It was a pun. Kain not only had to seek people, he also had to change his appearance temporarily, so he didn't look like a vampire. He acquired the necessary Disguise Form soon afterwards, from a Gypsy camp south of Vasserbünde. This made him look like a human peasant.

Further Observations

The lunatic's identity was never revealed in Blood Omen, or in any publicly-available official sources this website is aware of. The name did appear, however, in a Non-Player Character (NPC) Recording Script for the game. A page of this document can be seen on the Blood Omen: Early Character Names page external link at The Lost Worlds.[2]

Common usage of the name appears to have originated from the Blood Omen Dialogue external link at Nosgothic Realm; Nosgothic Realm was one of the first Legacy of Kain fan websites, and its popularity seems to have influenced fans to accept 'Irmok' as the madman's name, whether it was actually canon or not.[3]


  1. [BO1] Kain: "This lunatic was delighted to see me. Perhaps his madness would reveal a greater truth..."
    Irmok: "The bastards in Steinchencröe shun me as Nosgoth shuns them! I know what it means to be an outsider, vampire. I fear you not, but remember this - there are others who will speak to you, so long as you know how to look."
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