The Turelim

A fledgling Turelim vampire
A fledgling Turelim vampire
An adult Turelim vampire
An adult Turelim vampire

The Turelim were one of the five vampire clans that appeared in Soul Reaver. They were the descendants of the lieutenant Turel.[1,2]

Turel the second-born of Kain's vampire lieutenants. He was promoted to Kain's second-in-command following Raziel's execution, and - as the Razielim were killed or otherwise vanished - Turel's offspring became the most powerful clan in Nosgoth.[3,1,2]

The Turelim were physically strong like the Dumahim adults (only larger), and they could fire projectiles like their cousins, the Rahabim. The Turelim projectiles were different, however, being blasts of telekinetically compressed space. They could also move quickly for their size, and their large ears were a sign of their 'highly sensitive hearing'. The Turelim had no distinct weaknesses, although Prima's Official Defiance Strategy Guide claims their evolution was making them 'bat-like in appearance' and they had 'incredible powers of hearing at the price of faltering vision' like Turel himself.[1,4]

The Turelim guarded some of the more important locations in Nosgoth. Raziel encountered them in the lighthouse (Sunlight Glyph) area, and in the Oracle's Cave before he reached the Chronoplast. Prima's Official Soul Reaver Strategy Guide referred to the Turelim as the 'servants of Kain' in the 'Who's Who and What's What' section, implying that they guarded the important locations because Kain ordered them to. This was supported somewhat by Raziel's conversation with the Tomb Guardian.[5]

The Tomb Guardian was an adult of the Turelim clan. When they met, Raziel questioned the Guardian's loyalty to one who had him "guarding this outpost like a chained dog". Raziel may have been referring to Turel, but the Guardian's initial accusation that Raziel was a heretic (remember: "Kain is deified") and the smooth change of focus to Kain ("Kain killed me once... I have no more to fear from you") suggests they were talking about Kain all along. The Tomb Guardian was likely in the Tomb of the Sarafan at Kain's behest.[6]

Further Observations

We saw in Soul Reaver how the Melchahim, the Zephonim and the Rahabim clans pupated and evolved, however we didn't see the method employed by the Turelim (or the Dumahim).

Raziel did not visit the primary Turelim territory during Soul Reaver, nor confront Turel. Turel and his stronghold were removed incomplete from Soul Reaver during the game's development, but they would have been reached by passing through Dumah's region. The Turelim territory would have encompassed the smokestack shown in Soul Reaver's opening FMV. Perhaps the Turelim were primarily responsible for creating and maintaining the smoking furnaces that shielded Kain's empire from the sun. It seems that the Turelim Raziel encountered in Soul Reaver were the 'independent rogues and bands' mentioned in the US manual. That same source said most of the clan had 'retreated into Nosgoth's hinterlands'.[7,8,2]

From Defiance, and the Defiance team FAQ external link at the Eidos Forums, we know that 'Azimuth pulled Turel from the future back to the bowels of Avernus Cathedral'. However, we don't know exactly when she did this. From his perspective, Turel may have been 'found' (as he put it) before or after Raziel returned from the Abyss. Seeing as he had heard about the other lieutenants' fate, the latter seems more likely, but we cannot be sure. If he was missing for longer, the fragmentation of his clan could have been due to lack of leadership. The Dumahim became nomadic when Dumah was 'killed' by the Vampire Hunters, and without Turel there to hold his clan together, the Turelim would probably have ended up the same way.[9,10,11]


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