Ward Gates

A Ward Gate
A Ward Gate

Ward Gates appeared in Blood Omen 2. They were devices used by the Sarafan in their ceaseless war against the vampires.

Powered by (and likely formed from) green Glyph Energy [BO2], they prevented vampires moving freely through Meridian's streets, although they would not stop humans from passing through. If a vampire touched an activated Ward Gate, it would repel them and burn them as if it was a wall of fire.[1]

Kain first saw a Ward Gate in the Slums, while Umah was training him. Later Kain was separated from her when a Glyph Guard turned on a Ward Gate between them. Kain had to turn off or avoid many Ward Gates while he was travelling through Meridian. Notably, he had to kill a nobleman called Artemis in the Sarafan Keep before a woman would open a Ward Gate for him.


  1. [BO2] Umah: "I spoke before of our mortal enemies, the Sarafan. It is their sworn crusade to destroy all vampires, and for this they have developed special defences. You see here a Ward Gate."
    Kain: "What precisely does it do?"
    Umah: "Should you so much as touch it, you will be burned as by fire. The Sarafan have raised these wards throughout Meridian. We can go no farther this way."
  2. [BO2] Cabal Woman to Kain: "The Ward Gate will not be opened until that man is dead, I promise you. His name is Artemis. You will know him by his blue cloak. When he is dead - when his lying tongue has been stopped - I will open this gate, and not before."

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