Blood Omen: Forms

During Blood Omen, Kain learned to change into several different forms. Kain regularly switched between them to overcome obstacles in his path. Each form (except Vampire and Bat) required magical energy to sustain it.

Vampire Kain's 'natural' state following his resurrection by Mortanius. When his magical energy was exhausted, he always reverted back to his Vampire Form.

Bat Gained From: The first of the Bat Flight Beacons, near the Pillars of Nosgoth
Kain's Quote: "In bat form, I can travel great distances with ease. From my vantage in the heavens, no region of Nosgoth is forbidden to me."
Once Kain identified landmarks or Bat Beacons, he could fly to them at any time using his Bat Form. His body would split into six individual bats for the journey. Kain could not assume Bat Form unless he was outside.

Wolf Gained From: A cave between the Pillars of Nosgoth and Nachtholm
Kain's Quote: "My lupine form enables me to move like lightning and leap over obstacles barring my path. But the guise of the wolf brings with it its own kind of hunger and rage."
Kain could use his Wolf Form to jump over narrow hazards, like spikes. He also needed it to climb ledges in the landscape. He could move much faster in Wolf Form than in his normal Vampire Form. Kain's Wolf Form was particularly powerful during a full moon.

Disguise Gained From: The Gypsy camp to the south of Vasserb√ľnde
Kain's Quote: "There are benefits to travelling beneath a human guise. The threat to my person is lessened and much information can be gleaned. However, the illusion is flimsy, and any act of aggression on my part can break the spell."
This form made Kain look like a human peasant. He could move through towns without attracting the attention of the guards. He could also talk to humans, who sometimes gave out information about the area. Kain was unable to attack while in this form.

Mist Gained From: A building on the banks of the Lake of the Dead, en route to Vorador's Mansion
Kain's Quote: "When in mist form, I am invulnerable to physical weapons, blade and claw. I can seep through locked doors and cracks and move swiftly, like a shadow fleeing light."
In Mist Form, Kain could pass over water and swamps without injury. He could also pass through grated doors and other barriers that blocked his path. He had to be wary of the Mist Vortex traps while in this form, but they were fairly rare.

Beguile Gained From: The Provincial Mines
Kain's Quote: "Unlike the Mask of Disguise, this spell actually allows me to cast away the guise of death for a time, allowing me to walk among the living undisturbed. The spell also provides a visage of nobility, for there are many who would easily divulge more to those of highborn blood."
This was a better version of Kain's Disguise Form, allowing him to appear as a human nobleman. Kain needed Beguile Form to speak with King Ottmar of Willendorf. It didn't change Kain's body physically, it simply altered people's perception of him. If Kain attacked someone while using Beguile Form, the spell was broken.

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