Blood Omen: Prestige List

The prestige screen showing a Whelp ranking The prestige screen showing a Devourer of Worlds ranking

In the options menu of Blood Omen, there was a status screen. This showed Kain's prestige, providing an assessment of player performance throughout the game. It was based on several factors. These were the number of slayings and mutilations he had performed, and how many meals he had enjoyed. Secrets also had a big impact on Kain's rank. The more he could find out of the one hundred in the game, the higher his prestige became.

The order of prestige is shown below. Whelp was the lowest, Devourer of Worlds the greatest. According to the 'Miscellaneous Q&A' page of the Silicon Knights Blood Omen FAQ the titles were picked late at night, but contrary to the FAQ, 'Devourer of Worlds' status could be gained with fewer than 100 secrets. Interestingly, in Blood Omen's Unused Dialogue, Vorador is called a 'Prince', which is a fairly low rank in this list. Perhaps 'Prince' was originally going to feature higher on the list, or these honorifics were purely for the player's benefit; they were not titles that Nosgothic vampires would ever use to meaningfully classify themselves.

Blood Omen Prestige Ranks
1 Whelp 2 Gimp
3 Princess 4 Bride
5 Prince 6 Bloodhunter
7 Count 8 Baron
9 Overlord 10 Saint
11 Devourer of Worlds    

We can also use the status screen details to estimate how much time passed between Kain's assassination and his awakening in his mausoleum. The screen can first be accessed in the mausoleum, and the 'Time Played' counter is already showing 4 days and 17 hours. We can probably assume that 0 days and 0 hours would have been when Kain was turned away by the tavern landlord.

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