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In Blood Omen every Pillar had a token, which belonged to its Guardian. A corrupted Pillar could only be restored when its tainted Guardian was killed, and their token was returned to be absorbed into the column. The tokens were representative of each Guardian's skills and power.

The Balance Guardian was slighly different from the others, as they didn't have a physical artefact as their token. According to Warp's answers from Amy external link at the Eidos Forums, their soul bound them to their Pillar.

During his travels, Kain also found a few other items which were essential to his quest. All these tokens and items are listed below.

Nupraptor's Head
Nupraptor's Head Guardian: Nupraptor the Mentalist
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of the Mind
Kain's Quote: "Alas, poor Nupraptor, I knew him well... Well, not really."
Nupraptor's token was his bulbous head. Its large size indicated his mental prowess, and skills in such disciplines as telepathy and telekinesis.

Azimuth's Eye
Azimuth's Eye Guardian: Azimuth the Planer
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of Dimension
Kain's Quote: "Azimuth's third eye was a gift from the Pillar of Dimension, and allowed her vision into other planes."
Azimuth's token was her third eye. It allowed her to see into other dimensions, complimenting her ability to open portals between them and Nosgoth.

Malek's Helmet
Malek's Helmet Guardian: Malek the Paladin
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of Conflict
Kain's Quote: "Malek's helmet, crowned with a plume of braided hair, torn from the scalps of his victims."
Malek's token, his helmet, was a potent symbol of his nature. He was a Sarafan, as well as a Pillar Guardian. Following his failure to protect the Circle, the helmet was literally part of him: he had no body, his physical form was simply armour, animated by his soul. Kain collected the helmet after Vorador finally destroyed the Paladin.

Bane's Antler Headdress
Bane's Antler Headdress Guardian: Bane the Druid
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of Nature
Kain's Quote: "The antler headdress had sustained some damage during battle. Dark cracks sullied the ivory bone."
Bane's token, his Antler Headdress, was fashioned from bone. It was symbolic of his link to the natural world: the Druid's area of power.

DeJoule's Insulating Cloak
DeJoule's Insulating Cloak Guardian: DeJoule the Energist
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of Energy
Kain's Quote: "The cloak of DeJoule is fashioned from a strange substance, dense yet pliant. It served to both gather and shield the sorceress from the forces of energy she commanded."
DeJoule's token was her Insulating Cloak. The cloak restrained the flickering field of energy that surrounded her body. She discarded it to unleash her power while fighting Kain.

Moebius' Hourglass
Moebius' Hourglass Guardian: Moebius the Time Streamer
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of Time
Kain's Quote: "The hourglass of Moebius allowed him to sift through the sands of time, giving him dominion over past and future."
Moebius' token was his hourglass. According to Kain, it was "the focus of his Time Streaming magic", and it was symbolic of his power over time.

Anarcrothe's Alchemical Scales
Anarcrothe's Alchemical Scales Guardian: Anarcrothe the Alchemist
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of States
Kain's Quote: "The scales of Anarcrothe, used to measure out unholy substances in alchemy."
Anarcrothe's token was his set of alchemical scales. He used them during his experiments, weighing out ingredients, chemicals and other strange substances.

Mortanius' Death Orb
Mortanius' Death Orb Guardian: Mortanius the Necromancer
Pillar Repaired: The Pillar of Death
Kain's Quote: "As I touched its surface, calm filled me. Gone was the hunger, the rage that would entice, and only the sweet dark serenity of death remained."
Mortanius's token was his Death Orb. It gave him power over the grave, allowing him to exert influence over the dead.

Vorador's Signet Ring
Vorador's Signet Ring Gained From: Vorador
Kain's Quote: "Turning the ring over in my hands, I realized that it was crafted from some strange alloy formed from broken teeth - ground down and soaked in blood."
Vorador gave his ring to Kain, allowing Kain to summon the ancient vampire when he needed assistance against Malek at Dark Eden. Many years later in Soul Reaver, Kain wore the ring as an earring.

Elzevir's Doll
Elzevir's Doll Gained From: Elzevir the Dollmaker
Kain's Quote: "Strange that such a tiny thing, a shred of burlap and silk with a single lock of hair nailed to it, could bring a kingdom to its knees. Small things frequently have enormous consequences."
Elzevir, a minor magician, trapped souls in effigies. This doll contained the soul of the Princess of Willendorf. Kain had to return the doll to King Ottmar so his daughter could be restored.

Time Streaming Device
Time Streaming Device Gained From: Avernus Cathedral, and William the Just's castle.
Kain's Quote: "Strange runes litter its metallic surface. 'Tis with caution that I carry this mysterious device."
These devices belonged to Moebius, and each one allowed Kain to make one trip through time. However, Kain had no control over where he ended up, and Moebius had his own plans...

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