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During development, most games change from their original inception. The games of the Legacy of Kain series are no different. There have been many alterations to the games - both minor and major - prior to their final releases. Visitors to the wonderful Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds external link website will no doubt be aware of the better-known alterations already.

While Dark Chronicle does not specialise in the non-canonical, or 'cut' side of the Legacy of Kain universe, there is no denying that deleted material can prove useful for reference purposes. Therefore, these pages contain transcriptions of all the unused dialogue still present on Blood Omen Playstation discs. Some bits are just alternate takes of dialogue that was in the game.

If you wish to extract the dialogue yourself so you can hear it, you will need to download the PSound program. The author, snailrush, used to have a website, but it has since disappeared. Luckily, the Software page external link at The Lost Worlds has versions of PSound archived.

Use it to Scan the file called PILL.BIG on the Blood Omen disc. The PILL XXXX codes listed below refer to where each snippet of dialogue can be found in a PSound-generated playlist of PILL.BIG.

Unused Blood Omen Dialogue Page 2
PILL Code Character Dialogue
PILL 0000 Ariel The Circle of Nine draw their powers from the Pillars of Nosgoth. The decay of the Pillars is the result of the deterioration of their minds. To heal the sickness, you must first destroy that which causes the disease.
PILL 0007 Ariel Yes, Kain. The Necromancer spoke truth. For Nosgoth to be restored, one more must die. You are the Balance, Kain. Make your choice.
PILL 0009 Anarcrothe Fools!
PILL 0010 Anarcrothe You. You are the Circle's traitor.
PILL 0019 Blood Fountain Your vampiric abilities improve, for our blood enhances.
PILL 0022 Blood Fountain The swamp will do you no harm, for our blood preserves.
PILL 0023 Blood Fountain Your health is restored, for our blood heals.
PILL 0024 Blood Fountain Your magic is restored, for our blood heals.
PILL 0026 Blood Fountain Our blood enhances. Our blood preserves. Our blood heals. For the blood is the life.
PILL 0038 Kain As the last of the brigands fell, I leapt upon him, ripping his throat with my teeth and drank of the hot blood that gushed forth. As the torrent of blood ended, his body collapsed to the floor. I was forever changed... I knew what I had become.
PILL 0050 Kain The Pillars seemed darker now, less real.
PILL 0065 Kain I placed the Hourglass of Moebius before the Pillar of Time.[1]
PILL 0071 Kain The city was deserted, save for an ominous silence.[2]
PILL 0085 Kain Animate suits of Sarafan armor were all they were, spirits bound to metal and leather, clumsily going through the motions they were taught in life.
PILL 0094 Kain The old man looked more suited to the role of beggar than sage. How could this fossil be the revered Oracle of Nosgoth, trusted by kings and conquerors alike? Yet sometimes it takes a fool to be a wise man.
PILL 0095 Kain The toothless old man sat stirring his meagre broth. How could this flatulent old fool be the advisor to kings and conquerors, the lauded Oracle of Nosgoth?
PILL 0096 Kain 'Twould seem that I must venture south to the Termogent Forest, to seek this Vorador.
PILL 0111 Kain Vorador enjoyed his game. I was but a fledgling vampire to him - a child to be coaxed and baited. Vorador bore no ill towards his own kind, so long as I knew my place, he said, I would be safe.
PILL 0118 Kain Poison! The pain began to ebb, but I could still feel it gnawing at my body, and would for a time to come...
PILL 0125 Kain I longed to do battle with the Ward once more, yet the numbers were against me. It was time to summon aid.
PILL 0135 Kain Willendorf's famed warrior elite, now reduced to nothing more than a search party, hunted south of the city for the Dollmaker's abode.
PILL 0136 Kain I thought their cloth arms could do no damage, 'til the magic that infused them ate into my flesh. It was as if the burlap was metal, and cut just as well, yet when I struck back the materiel yielded and folded around my blade. I had to find another way to destroy these things.[3]
PILL 0137 Kain It looked like some kind of locking mechanism. The intricacies of its workings led down into the ground, and away from that chamber.
PILL 0149 Kain The forces of the Horde would soon reach me. Of the artifacts I possessed, there was one which may provide escape.
PILL 0156 Kain My fingers once more caressed the Time Streaming device, and my body shifted along the stream of time.
PILL 0163 Kain Through the twisted plots and tangled schemes, truth emerged. I had thought myself manipulated by Moebius, yet it seemed the strings were held by another, more powerful puppeteer - my murder and my resurrection both arranged by Mortanius. The Necromancer had promised me vengeance. He had fulfilled his vow, at the cost of his own life.
PILL 0166 Kain The dwellings of the living are important to the vampire, of course, but one must be wary of how they are defended. The living can be ferocious fighters when they have need to be.
PILL 0174 Kain The grave gives shelter to a weary vampire. Within the shadows of this tomb, I may rest.
PILL 0176 Kain It is odd to read the ancient tongue after so many years. Fatum Iustum Stultorum - How apt. (It means "Righteous is the destiny of fools")[4]
PILL 0193 Moebius? Behold! Vorador!
PILL 0199 Mortanius No, Anarcrothe. I am its savior! The Circle was damned before my deeds. At the onset I blamed Ariel. She was the Balance of the Circle. She and Nupraptor with their love, threatened us all. With their union, how could there be Balance? Yes, I killed her, but Nupraptor's vengeance, for me, 'twas both blessing and curse. His pain split my soul in two. Part of me shared his anguish, a grief so fierce, it would destroy the world - and yet the other, found revelation... For the first time, through the haze of madness, I saw truth. The problem did not lie in one of us - it lay in us all! We are relics, old friend, remnants of an era long gone, seeking to play gods in a world that no longer needs us. Our deaths shall resurrect the world.
PILL 0217 Gypsy? Hail, stranger. Do you seek the wise Oracle of Nosgoth in these barren mountains?[5]
PILL 0218 Gypsy? We have been told that his cave lies to the north-east of our camp.[5]
PILL 0223 Peasant? Those bastard brigands camp in the forest, I hear. Damn them all.[5]
PILL 0232 Peasant? I'm not dead yet![6]
PILL 0247 Peasant? Kill me now, or leave me be. Let destiny take its course.[5]
PILL 0248 Peasant? Please kill me![5]
PILL 0249 Peasant? Help me! By all the gods, help me![5]
PILL 0251 Bride Do I not please you, my lord? Come, taste of my flesh.
PILL 0252 Bride I can sense your lust, warrior. Take of me what you will.
PILL 0253 Bride Oh, such a beautiful body. Oh, the pleasures the undead can bring.
PILL 0254 Bride You fool! Hell hath no fury...
PILL 0255 Bride Be quick, before Prince Vorador finds him. He is ours for the feasting!
PILL 0256 Bride Oh come, love - give us a little taste.
PILL 0257 Bride The blood of our own... Oh, 'tis there anything sweeter?
PILL 0258 Vorador Call yourself a vampire, do you?
PILL 0259 Vorador I've dined on rats more dangerous than you! (Laughs)
PILL 0260 Vorador Why pretend, child? Face your fate... As a mortal.
PILL 0261 Vorador Ah, you are a great pretender, little one.
PILL 0262 Vorador (Laughs) So there is fight in you, after all! (Laughs) Hmm... Perhaps there is more to you.
PILL 0263 Vorador You have much to learn, vampire - but you have earned my hospitality. Come! You shall sup at my table this eve.
PILL 0277 Peasant? For wisdom, you seek the Oracle of Nosgoth. Some say he dwells around here. I say he doesn't.[5]
PILL 0287 Landlord A tankard of fine ale, perhaps, my lord?[5]
PILL 0293 Peasant? Please kill me! (Same as PILL 0248)[5]
PILL 0295 Wench My charms can be yours for two hundred Kroner.
PILL 0297 Serving Girl (Crying) The Lord Nupraptor... He locked himself away. He, he tried to kill us all... He's mad over his love...
PILL 0298 Female Peasant? Ring a round a' rosy, a pocket full a' posy, a-choos, a-choos, we all fall down.[5]
PILL 0299 ??? Remember, Kain. The Circle is core. Ok, ok, the Circle is core.[7]
PILL 0300 ??? Alas, Kain. You're core as well.[7]
PILL 0306 Brigand Quick! He's the one!
PILL 0307 Brigand Just as we were told.
PILL 0467 Brigand We thought you were dead.
PILL 0468 Kain And so I left, with the knowledge that Malek could be defeated - and with an ally. The only question was, with the bastion empty and vacant, where was Malek? I would again return to Ariel for an answer.
PILL 0516 Kain The longing I felt threatened to consume me. I ached and I hungered - but for what? And in that instant, sharp and sweet, came the call of blood.
PILL 0517 Kain Revulsion fought with rapture, and yet beneath the horror lay desire. Hunger, insistent and urgent, relentlessly demanding more. For the blood is the life.
PILL 0518 Brigand? His face! Gods, what evil has found you?
PILL 0522 Kain Frustration triumphed over honor, and the Sarafan unleashed his hatred upon me with a seething wall of destruction. It consumed his prison brick by brick, shattering columns and bringing the roof down upon us both.
PILL 0525 Kain The hell that raged on within the walls of Avernus had barred me entry. Fire and catastrophe were the city's guards. Perhaps Ariel had the key to those gates.
PILL 0526 Kain The Matriarch of Avernus - the Lady Azimuth - led an army of demons to ravage Nosgoth and let it fester with fire. Her magical planing skills summoned demons through runes inscribed in human blood.
PILL 0527 Kain With the Matriarch dead, and her eye in my possession, I saw fit to return to the Pillars, and correct her corruption.
PILL 0541 Kain So, Moebius was scheming to corrupt the leader of this fair land. If I were to kill Moebius, I'd have to visit the king himself - William the Just.
PILL 0542 Kain So, the plot was unravelled. Through Moebius' vile corruption of time, the fair king William was granted the power to become the Nemesis, scourge of Nosgoth.
PILL 0555 Kain Nupraptor's Keep lay in the distance. My powers of flight could hasten my journey to his dwelling.
PILL 0556 Kain Malek's Bastion perched defiantly on the mountain top, black as night against the blanket of snow. The only recourse I had in reaching his lofty domain was in flight.
PILL 0557 Kain Dark Eden lay cradled within the vile dome of energy.
PILL 0564 Kain And so, Mortanius the Necromancer, a member of the Circle as well. The Pillar of Death, a symbol of his powers and the gift he had seen fit to bestow upon me.
PILL 0568 Kain From the distance, I could see the Pillars - symbol of the Circle of Nine, proud defenders of Nosgoth. Mortanius had urged me to visit them. Who was I to reject such advice?
PILL 0574 Kain When struck, my enemies' blood flows from their bodies to fill me with life. 'Tis a risk, yet the rewards are a temptation.[8]
PILL 0576 Kain The cloak stank of burned air. It was fashioned from an alloy akin to lead, and woven into fine links. The cloak's lining was scorched and melted. It served as an insulator, made to protect DeJoule's colleagues from her deadly radiance, lest it char and burn them to withered, smouldering husks.[9]
PILL 0577 Kain This armor was spawned in the most impure of spirit forges, tempered from the seething agony of tortured souls. In darkness, its hold is strong, but in light, its power diminishes.[10]


  1. This was not said in the game, despite seeming like it should have been. The Time Pillar was simply unrestored when Anarcrothe was killed, and restored when Kain fought Mortanius.
  2. This seems to be referring to Avernus.
  3. This seems to be referring to creatures in or around Elzevir's home, possibly animated toys.
  4. This sounds like "Fatum Lustum Stultorum", but Daniel Smith generously helped out with the phrase and its meaning. He suggested that since Silicon Knights seem to have capitalized all their Latin phrases, Simon Templeman (Kain's voice actor) may have read it wrong. The word "Lustum" does not exist in Latin. The capital I of 'Iustum' must have been read as a lowercase L. PILL 0175 includes the likewise mispronounced "Manus Celer Dei" from Vorador's Mansion, and as this soundfile follows it, it seems this was originally recorded for the mansion too.
  5. As this is a piece of optional 'Disguise' dialogue, it's difficult to be 100% sure that it was not spoken in the game. However it is not recorded in the Blood Omen Dialogue external link at Nosgothic Realm.
  6. A Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference? This is apparently said in response to PILL 0231, where a Coorhagen villager shouts "Bring out your dead!".
  7. This is spoken in a funny voice, and was presumably recorded as a joke.
  8. This seems to be an alternate description of Blood Gout.
  9. This seems to be an alternate description of DeJoule's Insulating Cloak.
  10. This seems to be an alternate description of the Wraith Armor.

Also, PILL 0546/0551/0552 are not listed above, but they say "Incantations", "Artifacts", "Weapons and Armor". INV43/INV44/INV45/INV46/INV47 say "Bat Form", "Wolf Form", "Mask of Disguise", "Mist Form" and "Beguile". These were all presumably intended for use in the inventory menu.

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