Blood Omen: Weapons and Armour

In Blood Omen these were the weapons and armour types that Kain could collect to aid him in combat. He could use any combination of the items and choose the best weapon and armour combo depending on his situation.

Iron Sword
Iron Sword Gained from: Kain had it when he awoke in his mausoleum
Kain's quote: "Forged by the Serioli, the legendary weapon masters of Nosgoth, this blade will serve me well, in life and beyond..."
The Iron Sword was the weapon that originally killed Kain. His assassin wielded the blade, and thrust it through Kain's back, once Kain had been knocked to the ground. Mortanius later removed the sword from Kain's body, and handed it to him. When Kain took it, he accepted Mortanius' offer of revenge, and became a vampire. The Iron Sword was an heirloom-quality weapon, useful for destroying barrels or fighting enemies.

Iron Armor
Iron Armor Gained from: Kain had it when he awoke in his mausoleum
Kain's quote: "As it was born from hellfire, forged by the Necromancer's magic, my armor resists fire and provides me with strong defence."
This was Kain's original armour, and it used to be white. Presumably it had been the same type of armour as the Willendorf militia wore, as Kain had once been loyal to the Willendorf throne. He was wearing it when he was assassinated and, like him, it was changed by Mortanius' magic. He had the Iron Armor when he awoke in his mausoleum, and it provided him with reliable, all-round protection.

Spiked Mace
Spiked Mace Gained from: Nupraptor's Retreat
Kain's quote: "The mace is amongst my most useful of weapons, for it merely stuns my victims, allowing me ample time to feed."
The Spiked Mace allowed Kain to knock enemies into the waver state without accidentally killing them. It was easy to get carried away with other weapons, and waste valuable blood. The Spiked Mace could also be used to destroy metal chests, standing stones, and other breakable obstacles. Kain found it as he left Nupraptor's Retreat.

Bone Armor
Bone Armor Gained from: The dungeon passages underneath Coorhagen
Kain's quote: "Lower forms of undead fall swiftly to deception. With the Bone Armor, they are not as eager to challenge me."
The Bone Armor could be found in the passages underneath the plague-ridden city of Coorhagen. If Kain wore this, weaker undead creatures - like Skeletons, Zombies, and Shadows - would ignore him entirely. This was useful for avoiding fights, and allowed Kain to move quickly and safely through their haunts.

The Axes
The Axes Gained from: Malek's Bastion
Kain's quote: "Havoc and Malice. Their presence in my hands keeps me from employing magic, yet rest assured they do little to hamper my relish for slaughter."
The Axes could be very destructive - Kain could whirl round quickly, hacking at anyone who was too close. He also needed them to chop down trees that blocked his path. As the Axes were a two-handed weapon, he could not cast spells or use items while he was equipped with Havoc and Malice. Kain found them as he left Malek's Bastion.

Chaos Armor
Chaos Armor Gained from: Vorador's Mansion
Kain's quote: "My enemies are quite vicious and the Chaos Armor extracts from them a heavy price for their bloodlust. The blows are meant for me, but it is their bodies that carry the wounds."
Kain found this armour in Vorador's Mansion. If an enemy attacked Kain while he was wearing it, they would suffer the same amount of injury as they inflicted on him. Enemies could send themselves into the waver state, without Kain having to lift a finger.

Flame Sword
Flame Sword Gained from: A keep near Vorador's Mansion
Kain's quote: "The sword ravages flesh with teeth of metal and flame, leaving only scorched remains."
The Flame Sword burned enemies, cauterizing the wounds it dealt them and eventually setting them on fire. This meant that Kain was unable to drink the blood of enemies killed with this weapon, but the sword was particularly powerful against undead creatures and ghosts. Kain found it in a keep in the Termogent Forest swamp.

Flesh Armor
Flesh Armor Gained from: Dark Eden
Kain's quote: "How convenient. This armor, wrought with the blood of noblemen, drains the blood from my enemies for me, leaving me to focus on the slaughter at hand."
The Flesh Armor drained the blood of Kain's enemies, so he didn't have to think about it. He could focus on killing. Kain had to be careful around enemies with poisonous green blood, or black blood, as the Flesh Armor would absorb that too. He found the armour at Dark Eden.

The Soul Reaver
The Soul Reaver Gained from: Avernus Cathedral
Kain's quote: "Time fades even legend, and the origin of the Soul Reaver has been lost long ago. But its purpose remains - to feed on the souls of any creature it strikes. Kindred, this blade and I."
The Soul Reaver could explode most enemies with one hit. As the Soul Reaver was a two-handed weapon, Kain could not cast spells or use items while he was equipped with it. The sword required an expenditure of Kain's magical energy to maintain this level of power, and it drained his magic reserves by an amount equal to the health (hit points) of each creature it killed. If Kain had no magic energy left, the Soul Reaver was only as effective as his Iron Sword.

Wraith Armor
Wraith Armor Gained from: The Avernus Catacombs
Kain's quote: "This armor was spawned in the most impure of spirit forges, tempered from the seething agony of tortured souls. The metal exists only partially in the human realm, causing it to fade between tangible and ethereal states."
This armour divided any damage Kain received between his blood vial and magic meter. He found it in the hellish catacombs of Avernus Cathedral. It was near a chained skeleton (probably the mortal remains of Malek).

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