Blood Omen 2: Characters

The following characters appeared in Blood Omen 2.


Kain Two hundred years after his refusal at the Pillars, Kain's vampire army was defeated outside of Meridian by the Sarafan. After spending another two centuries recovering from his injuries, Kain awoke and set about claiming Nosgoth as his own.

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Umah Umah gently eased Kain back into the practice of hunting and killing. It was her job to prepare him for the Sarafan he would encounter, not to mention the thieves and thugs of the city.

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Vorador Vorador was the leader of the Cabal; a group of vampires trying to resist the rule of the Sarafan Lord. He drew on his accumulated knowledge of Nosgoth to guide Kain throughout Meridian.

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The Sarafan Lord

The Sarafan Lord The Hylden General rebuilt the long-defunct Sarafan order, and set himself at its head as the Sarafan Lord. Two hundred years after Kain refused to sacrifice himself at the Pillars, Kain was defeated by the Sarafan Lord, and presumed dead.

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Janos Audron

Janos Audron Kain was leaving the ruined Device when he passed the Beast again. However, the creature was much changed. Janos identified himself through Kain's knowledge of his legend.

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Faustus Faustus had once been one of Kain's legionnaires. After Kain's defeat at the hands of the Sarafan Lord, he had chosen to side with the victorious Sarafan instead of his vampire kin.

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Marcus Kain encountered Marcus in the Upper City area of Meridian. The two were not on good terms, even before Marcus allied with the Sarafan. Some time before Kain's defeat by the Sarafan Lord, he had tried to murder Marcus, apparently attempting the act personally.

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Sebastian Sebastian had been part of Kain's army, but discontent to serve while Kain ruled, he had betrayed him. He went to the Sarafan Lord and arranged the ambush that cost Kain the war.

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Magnus In the Eternal Prison, Kain saw a terrified human fleeing from a mutilated, mad vampire demanding meat. This vampire had a furnace attached to his back, his brain was exposed, and much of the flesh of his torso had been stripped away, revealing the organs beneath.

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The Seer

The Seer Kain visited the Seer to learn about the Device. Vorador believed she was older than he was. She lived in the canyons outside of Meridian, and she was referred to as a witch by the local humans.

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The Beast

The Beast The demands of the Device and the Mass on Janos Audron's blood had starved him, causing his devolution into this form. As the Beast, he provided Kain with a strategy to destroy the Device.

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The Builder

The Builder The Beast told Kain to find the Builder of the Device in the Eternal Prison. When the Builder learned that the Device might finally be used, he no longer wanted his creation to fulfil its destructive potential.

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The Bishop of Meridian

The Bishop of Meridian The bishop knew of a way for Kain to infiltrate the Sarafan Keep, and with this knowledge, Kain had a better chance of rescuing Umah. The bishop's faith in an afterlife was weak, and he sought to prolong his existence with a reward of vampiric immortality.

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The Tapster

The Tapster The tapster of the Red Raven pub was not an obvious Cabal sympathizer. She was a normal citizen of Meridian, and she had been half-scared into remembering a message for Kain.

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Artemis Artemis was a "nobleman of some importance". He arrived at the Sarafan Keep on some unknown business, and he was valuable enough to have a Sarafan Knight as an escort. He was distinctive because of his blue clothing.

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Duncan Duncan was a gatekeeper in the Lower City of Meridian. It was his job to guard a gate, and only allow night shift workers through into the restricted area beyond.

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Moebius the Time Streamer

Moebius the Time Streamer Although Moebius himself was long-dead, there was a large statue of the Time Streamer within the Eternal Prison: a place where time was frozen.

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