Blood Omen 2: Creatures and Enemies

The following creatures and enemies appeared in Blood Omen 2.

The Mass

The Mass The Mass was the ancient and eternal creature that lived inside the Device. It was deadly: "capable of killing any living thing with but a thought". The Device was useless without it.

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Glyphwrights The Glyphwrights were a secret society that maintained the Glyphs. Kain only discovered their true nature while he was inside the Device, trying to destroy it. Kain witnessed a Glyphwright revert to its true form: a Hylden.

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Demon Spiders

Demon Spiders Demon Spiders were vicious, pack-hunting arachnids, apparently grown to their unnaturally large size by exposure to Glyph energy.

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Prison Guardians

Prison Guardians Prison Guardians were the wardens of the Eternal Prison. Their objective was to cause a "spiritual transformation" within the prisoners. The horrors of the Eternal Prison were supposed to encourage that outcome.

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Eyeless Wretches

Eyeless Wretches Eyeless Wretches were the primary inhabitants of the Eternal Prison. They were humans, almost exclusively female, who had been condemned to suffer for all eternity within the prison's walls. Their crimes were left a mystery.

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Poltergeists Poltergeists could be found in a section of the Eternal Prison. They were quite resilient, but had very little blood and Lore.

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