Blood Omen 2: Hylden Murals

These murals appeared in Blood Omen 2. They could be spotted several times throughout the Hylden City, and they could be found together just after the 30% level checkpoint. Although the Hylden may have exaggerated their race's noble looks with these murals, they are still a good indication of what the Hylden would have looked like, prior to their banishment.

Both males and females are depicted, and there appears to be some variation in their skull-crests. Perhaps this is an indication of different 'families' within the Hylden race, just as there were two distinct types of Hylden in Blood Omen 2. They make no secret of their dispute with the winged Ancient Vampires, and one mural seems to show them regarding a human with curiosity.

First Hylden Mural Second Hylden Mural Third Hylden Mural

Forth Hylden Mural Fifth Hylden Mural Sixth Hylden Mural

Seventh Hylden Mural Eighth Hylden Mural Ninth Hylden Mural

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