Defiance: Characters

The following characters appeared in Defiance.


Kain Kain was learning more about his destiny as the Scion of Balance, and still trying to enlist Raziel's help to achieve it.

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Raziel Since learning of his destiny to become imprisoned in the Reaver, Raziel had been detained in the Underworld. Once he escaped the Spectral Realm, his priority was trying to avoid that terrible fate.

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Moebius the Time Streamer

Moebius the Time Streamer Moebius claimed that Kain's "messianic delusions" - his belief that he was the 'Scion of Balance' mentioned in the Ancient Vampires' prophecies - had blinded him to "Raziel's true nature".

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The Elder God

The Elder God The Elder God kept Raziel trapped in the Underworld until Raziel submitted to it. It still wanted Raziel to kill Kain.

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Vorador Raziel learned that Vorador was the maker of the Reaver. Raziel hoped to speak with the old vampire, and with Vorador's knowledge, find some way to avoid being trapped in the sword.

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Janos Audron

Janos Audron Raziel revived Janos with the Heart of Darkness. He was shocked when Raziel told him that five centuries had passed since his murder. He tried to hurry Raziel into action, understanding that time was short.

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The Hylden Lord

The Hylden Lord The Hylden Lord - having abandoned Mortanius' deformed corpse after the fight with the fledgling vampire Kain - possessed Janos Audron. Raziel fought the Hylden Lord, but he couldn't bring himself to murder Janos.

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Ariel Her soul - united with the souls of her predecessors - was needed to imbue the Reaver with Spirit, purifying it. It was the final destiny of the Balance Guardians, the reason they were called.

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Mortanius the Necromancer

Mortanius the Necromancer Raziel found Mortanius leading the Cenobites in their worship of Hash'ak'gik in the Avernus Catacombs.

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Turel He referred to Raziel's execution in the Abyss, and commented on the fate of Kain's other lieutenants. Raziel suddenly realized that this monster was in fact Turel, devolved and hideous.

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