Defiance: Creatures and Enemies

The following creatures and enemies appeared in Defiance.


Sluagh Sluagh were still the most common Spectral Realm predators. Raziel had to clear a Spectral cavern of Sluagh 'vermin', as proof of his renewed obedience to the Elder God.

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Shades The more aggressive Greater Shades had three purple 'eyes' compared to the Lesser Shades who only had one.

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Reaper Archons

Reaper Archons The Reapers were the shark-like Archons, and they swept through the air to catch souls or attack Raziel. They generally stayed aloft, and out of reach except by mid-air combos or telekinesis blasts.

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Dreadnaught Archons

Dreadnaught Archons The Dreadnaughts were the crab-like Archons. They could fire projectiles of a sticky green goo that would temporarily trap Raziel and rapidly drain his soul energy.

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Vampire Golems

Vampire Golems The Vampire Golems were the more common type of animating statue, enchanted by the Ancient Vampires to come to life when someone entered a room or approached an item.

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Guardian Constructs

Guardian Constructs The Guardian Constructs were the stronger type of animating statue, and they could utilise fire for attack and defence.

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Feral Humans

Feral Humans The Feral Humans inhabited the Vampire Citadel. They were a largely uncivilized tribe who revered the Ancient Vampires, and attempted to mimic them in a primitive way.

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Tentacles Despite appearances, the Tentacles were not appendages of the Elder God. They were independant creatures; 'cross-planar' beings that were native to the Spectral Realm. They could enter Nosgoth's Materal Realm due to the decline of the Pillars.

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Cenobites The Cenobites were an order of priests who supported Azimuth's rule in Avernus. They resided within Avernus Cathedral. Outwardly they were benovolent and caring. Secretly they were involved in the worship of their blood god, Hash'ak'gik.

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