Defiance: Murals

These are most of the murals that appeared in Defiance. They illustrate the history of the Ancient Vampires, as well as giving clues about their prophesies. Click on the thumbnails for bigger images of each mural.

Murals In The Dark Forge

The Raising of the Pillars The Vampires' Prophesied Hero The Summoning of the Guardians

Murals In The Cemetery

Kain's Mausoleum Portrait Kain's Mausoleum Portrait (in the Spectral Realm)

Murals In The Light Forge

The Blood Curse

Murals In The Fire Forge

The Forging of the Reaver The Dark Gift is Passed

Murals In The Air Forge

The Champion of the Adversary Race Redeemer and Destroyer (Redeemer) Redeemer and Destroyer (Destroyer)

Murals In The Vampire Citadel

The Fall of the Vampire Hero The Vampires' "Spiritual Purgatory"

Murals In Vorador's Mansion

Ancient Vampire Hero using the Blood Drinker Spear Ancient Vampire Hero using the Soul Stealer Spear Ancient Vampire Hero using the Heart Seeker Spear Ancient Vampire (holding the Heart Seeker Spear) Ancient Vampire (holding the Blood Drinker Spear) Ancient Vampire (holding the Soul Stealer Spear) Ancient Vampire (holding the Heart Seeker Spear) Dining Room Portrait

Murals In The Water Forge

Raziel Recognizes the Adversary Hero

Murals In The Earth Forge

The Human Guardians Revolt The Wheel of Fate

Murals In The Avernus Catacombs

History is Written by the Victors The Hylden Messiah

Murals In The Spirit Forge

The Scion of Balance, Redeemer and Destroyer

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