Defiance: Raziel's Reavers

In Defiance, Raziel began with the basic Spectral and Material Reavers. All the temporary enhancements he had gained throughout Soul Reaver 2 had been lost or were otherwise inaccessible by him. There was originally an intention explain this in-game - hinting that the Elder God had destroyed the crucial Elemental Fonts - but it didn't make it as far as the released version (see the first Defiance Q&A page external link at The Lost Worlds for details). Once Raziel escaped from the Underworld, he found the means to re-forge the wraith-blade with elemental properties (both old and new) but permanently this time. No fonts were needed; he could switch between his acquired elemental Reavers at will. Each elemental Reaver had different strengths and characteristics.

In Defiance, Raziel imbued the Reaver in forges within the Vampire Citadel. They were less puzzle-oriented than the Soul Reaver 2 forges, but they did not all give up their power easily. The Fire, Air, Water and Earth forges were each guarded by two spirits: spectres of the original Ancient Vampire Pillar Guardians. Raziel had to defeat them, and absorb their souls into the blade to gain the elemental enhancement aligned to their Pillars. The platform of the Subterranean Pillars Chamber in Soul Reaver 2 illustrated this connection between the Pillar principles and the elements (see the Pillars' Platform Diagram).

The Spectral Reaver
Spectral Gained In: N/A The Spectral Reaver
Aligned Pillars: N/A
Charged: Deals more damage to struck enemies
Spell: A blast that damages surrounding enemies
Other Uses: N/A
Until it was replaced by the Spirit Reaver late in the game, this was the only Reaver that Raziel had access to in the Spectral Realm, and it was the equivalent of the Material Reaver (described below). Whenever he abandoned his physical, Material Realm form, the wraith-blade automatically reverted to the Spectral Reaver.

The Material Reaver
Material Gained In: N/A The Material Reaver
Aligned Pillars: N/A
Charged: Deals more damage to struck enemies
Spell: A blast that damages surrounding enemies
Other Uses: N/A
This was the most basic of the Reaver's Material Realm incarnations. Whenever Raziel shifted from the Spectral Realm, he would emerge with the Material Reaver equipped by default. It was replaced by the Spirit Reaver late in the game.

The Dark Reaver
Dark Gained In: Chapter 4 The Dark Reaver
Aligned Pillars: N/A
Charged: Homing mini Shades are spawned from struck targets
Spell: Raziel temporarily becomes invisible
Other Uses: Darkens Light orbs
The Dark Reaver's invisibility spell was needed for solving puzzles. It hid Raziel from the wall-mounted Guardian Gargoyles, so he could sneak past them. It allowed him to bypass enemies too.

The Light Reaver
Light Gained In: Chapter 4 The Light Reaver
Aligned Pillars: N/A
Charged: Briefly stuns struck enemies
Spell: A flash of light that stuns enemies for a while
Other Uses: Lights Dark orbs
Although useful against all enemies, the Light Reaver's power was particularly damaging to Shades. This Reaver could temporarily blind and stun Raziel's foes.

The Fire Reaver
Fire Gained In: Chapter 6 The Fire Reaver
Aligned Pillars: Conflict and Nature
Charged: Struck enemies are set on fire
Spell: A blast that sets surrounding enemies on fire
Other Uses: Ignites braziers/sconces
This was a powerful Reaver, but Raziel had to be careful not to overuse it. He could not devour the souls of enemies that burned to death, unless he went into the Spectral Realm to get them.

The Air Reaver
Air Gained In: Chapter 6 The Air Reaver
Aligned Pillars: Mind and Dimension
Charged: Struck enemies are spun around and may be thrown by combos
Spell: A whirlwind that throws surrounding enemies away
Other Uses: Activates special Air Reaver plinths/vents
When charged, this Reaver was useful to interrupt enemy attacks, as it spun them and disoriented them. Raziel also needed it to activate the Air Reaver vents so he could reach new places, like Vorador's Mansion.

The Water Reaver
Water Gained In: Chapter 8 The Water Reaver
Aligned Pillars: States and Death
Charged: Briefly freezes struck enemies
Spell: An ice blast that damages and freezes surrounding enemies for a while
Other Uses: Douses braziers/sconces, freezes waterfalls.
Raziel originally needed the Water Reaver to access Janos' crypt, but its ability to incapacitate enemies made it very useful in battle. When Raziel used it to freeze waterfalls, it temporarily turned them into climbable 'ladders' until they thawed.

The Earth Reaver
Earth Gained In: Chapter 10 The Earth Reaver
Aligned Pillars: Energy and Time
Charged: Damage caused to struck enemy is mirrored on nearby enemies
Spell: A strong earthquake that severely damages surrounding enemies
Other Uses: Lets Raziel walk underwater, activates Earth Reaver plinths/platforms
This multi-purpose, powerful Reaver allowed Raziel to create floating earth platforms at specific locations in the game, e.g. in the Spirit Forge. It also removed Raziel's buoyancy in water, so he could walk through water-filled areas rather than swimming.

The Spirit Reaver
Spirit Gained In: Chapter 12 The Spirit Reaver
Aligned Pillars: Balance
Charged: Deals major damage to struck enemies
Spell: A blast that causes major damage to surrounding enemies, can kill non-bosses
Other Uses: N/A
This was the most formidable of all the elemental Reavers, and Raziel only gained it in the last stages of the game. It was forged using the souls of Kain's predecessors - the former Balance Guardians. Its true purpose was to purify Kain of all corruption, healing the psychic damage he had had since his birth. This would enable him to fulfill his destiny as the Scion of Balance.

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