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1. In which town was the nobleman Kain killed?

2. Which city was Kain's home - "The finest city in all of Nosgoth"?

3. Which of these was not a Pillar of Nosgoth?

4. Which of Kain's forms was especially powerful during a full moon?

5. Who did not meet their end at Dark Eden?

6. What was the sixth Pillar token that Kain collected in his quest?

7. Which human settlement was historically connected to Janos Audron?

8. Which of the following items could be found in Avernus Cathedral?

9. Who did Kain describe as "this broken, pathetic little man"?

10. Which spell required Kain to "beware those with tainted blood"?

11. Which spell was "worthy of the Necromancer himself"?

12. How many different Spirit Forges could Kain visit?

13. How many of "the sheep" (Pillar Guardians) did Vorador claim had he slaughtered?

14. What was the highest possible prestige?

15. Which of these was not a real Nosgothic Lake?

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