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1. For how many years was Kain unconscious after his defeat by the Sarafan Lord?

2. Which Dark Gift did Kain acquire by killing Marcus?

3. How many Dark Gifts did Kain gain in total?

4. Who did Kain recognize as one of the legionnaires of his vampire army?

5. Where did Kain first encounter a Glyph Knight?

6. Where did the Seer send Kain to when her home was set on fire?

7. Which vampire did Kain meet in the Lower City after Umah had left him, but before he reached Sanctuary?

8. Which of the following creatures did not inhabit the Eternal Prison?

9. The Eternal Prison contained a statue of which famous Nosgothic individual?

10. The Red Raven pub was in which part of Meridian?

11. The nobleman Artemis distinctively wore which colour?

12. How many ounces of meat did Magnus claim he was entitled to daily?

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