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There are a number Legacy of Kain-related sites on the web, and they exist in several languages. This page lists a lot of the ones that have survived the years; unfortunately the transient nature of the web means that many more have vanished.

Although every effort is made to ensure that these links are up-to-date and appropriate, no responsibility is taken for potentially offensive content on these sites.

Fan Websites (English)

Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds external link
This famous site focuses on uncovering the lost and forgotten secrets of the whole Legacy of Kain series - abilities, characters, and even whole game areas that were cut during production. Also includes detailed memorabilia libraries and much, much more.
Nosgothic Realm ( external link
This well-known Legacy of Kain fan site was one of the first established. It has lots of fan works, information and unique concept art from the series. It's still a major focus for Legacy of Kain fans, and deservedly so. It has a very large and active forum.
Time Streamer external link
Back after a long absence, Time Streamer contains series info, screenshots, fan works and much more.
The Legacy of Turelzevir Site external link
A very amusing pre-Defiance fansite. Lt. Columbo, Mr T, a clone army and Legacy of Kain: what more could you ask for? All this and more in 'Legacy of Turelzevir: Doll Reaver' (now hosted at The Lost Worlds).
The Ancient's Den external link
The blog of Raina Audron, an excellent source for Legacy of Kain fan community news.

Fanwork Archives (English)


DeviantART Groups (the largest and most active of several on DA)

Fan Games

Blood Omnicide external link
Blood Omnicide is a 3D remake of Blood Omen under development by Russian fans. This page gives details of the project in English.
Legacy of Kain: Revival external link
Revival is a Legacy of Kain fan game. This is the website for the project.
Legacy of Kain: Prodigal Sons external link
Prodigal Sons is another Legacy of Kain fan game. This is the website for the project.


Legacy Of Kain Wiki external link
A wiki for Legacy of Kain being populated by the fan community. If you are a fan who knows the story well, help us edit it!
Legacy Of Kain - Television Tropes & Idioms external link
The TV Tropes page for Legacy of Kain. TV Tropes is a wiki that examines use of devices and conventions used in fiction.

Everything Else

Rise and Fall Redux: Legacy of Kain external link
A critical look at the series as a case study of the rise and fall of franchises in the modern video game industry. At the moment, only the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver reviews/essays are available, but the others should hopefully appear in the future.
Creature's Customs external link
A Legacy of Kain fan's one-of-a-kind, custom-made action figures. Includes Kain, Raziel, Vorador, Moebius and Ariel.

Discussion Forums (English)

Nosgoth Forums external link
The official Nosgoth forums.
Eidos Forums external link
The official Legacy of Kain forums.
Nosgothic Realm Forums external link
Nosgothic Realm's fan forums.
GameFAQs Defiance Message Board external link
A GameFAQs forum.

Walkthroughs/Plot Guides (English)

GameFAQs Defiance FAQs & Guides external link
GameFAQs' list of player-submitted guides for Defiance. LOKFanatic's Plot Guide external link is highly recommended, as it contains plot overviews, observations and trivia relating to the Legacy of Kain series.
The History of the Soul Reaver external link
A pre-Defiance, fan-produced timeline illustrating the history of Raziel and the Reaver (in all their incarnations).

More Sites

Fan Websites (Other Languages)





Portuguese (Brazilian)

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