Soul Reaver: Upgrade Artefacts

In Soul Reaver, Raziel gained most of his ability upgrades by devouring the souls of the mutated vampire lieutenants. However, that was not the only way he could better himself. There were a number of special artefacts, scattered throughout Nosgoth, which could also benefit him.

Health Power-Ups
Health power-up artefact Elder God's quote: "These artifacts enhance your stamina, enabling you to prolong your material manifestation. Gather five to complete the emblem, and thereby augment your strength."
There were fifteen of these 'pie slices' in the game, each a quintant, or one fifth of a circular emblem. Every time Raziel collected five, his Material Realm health coil was permanently lengthened. His health capacity increased. His Spectral Realm health coil remained the same, however.

See directions to the fifteen Health Power-Ups →

Eldritch Energy Power-Ups
Eldritch Energy power-up artefact Elder God's quote: "With this artifact, your Glyph Energy capacity is increased."
There were only five of these octahedron-shaped artefacts in the game, so they could be tricky to find. Each one increased Raziel's Glyph Energy capacity by four points.

See directions to the five Eldritch Energy Power-Ups →

Telekinetic Force Projectile Artefact
Telekinetic Force Projectile upgrade artefact Elder God's quote: "This relic has infused you with the power to compress and manipulate space. As your symbiotic weapon, the Soul Reaver is also thus enhanced. You may focus and project an orb of kinetic energy to strike objects that are otherwise beyond your reach."
There was just one of these, and Raziel obtained it after killing the Tomb Guardian in the Tomb of the Sarafan. It granted him the Telekinetic Force Projectile ability. Raziel had to collect this artefact - it wasn't optional like those described above.

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