Soul Reaver: Vampire Clans

In Soul Reaver, all the vampires Raziel encountered were descended from Kain, as he was. Kain had sired his six lieutenants (Raziel, Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon and Melchiah), and over time each lieutenant built 'clans' of their own vampiric descendants. Each clan was named after its respective lieutenant-patriarch, and held a territory (a region of Nosgoth they primarily controlled and resided in).

Following Raziel's execution in the Abyss, the vampiric evolution of the clans diverged greatly. The lieutenants mutated, undergoing dramatic physical changes: Melchiah and Zephon lost their humanoid forms entirely. The clans developed characteristics unique to their bloodline, loosely mirroring their lieutenant's transformation.

The following vampire clans appeared in Soul Reaver, with the exception of the Razielim (Raziel's own clan).

The Melchahim
A fledgling Melchahim vampire An adult Melchahim vampire Descendants Of: Melchiah Flag
Clan Flag Colour: Yellow/Gold The Melchahim flag
Territory: The Necropolis
The Melchahim were little more than walking corpses, resembling zombies more than vampires. Their fragile skin and flesh decayed. It was said that they stole the skins of their human victims, constantly using them to replace their own.

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The Zephonim
A fledgling Zephonim vampire An adult Zephonim vampire Descendants Of: Zephon Flag
Clan Flag Colour: Grey The Zephonim flag
Territory: The Silenced Cathedral
The Zephonim's evolution had made them spider-like. They were particularly agile, with thin, wiry bodies, and long arms and legs. They walked on all fours most of the time, but they could walk upright if they wanted to.

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The Rahabim
A fledgling Rahabim vampire An adult Rahabim vampire Descendants Of: Rahab Flag
Clan Flag Colour: Blue The Rahabim flag
Territory: The Drowned Abbey
Not only could they withstand contact with the water - they actually thrived in it. Their bodies had become streamlined (with an unusual cobra-like hood), and they were proficient swimmers.

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The Dumahim
A fledgling Dumahim vampire An adult Dumahim vampire Descendants Of: Dumah Flag
Clan Flag Colour: Purple The Dumahim flag
Territory: The Ruined City of the Dumahim
When Raziel returned from his hellish execution in the Abyss, the first vampires he encountered were Dumahim fledglings. Raziel did not immediately recognize them; he called them "foul, scuttling beasts."

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The Turelim
A fledgling Turelim vampire An adult Turelim vampire Descendants Of: Turel Flag
Clan Flag Colour: Green The Turelim flag
Territory: Name unknown (not seen in the game)
The Turelim were the most powerful clan in Nosgoth; physically strong, quick-moving, armed with highly sensitive hearing, and able to fire Telekinetic Force Projectiles.

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The Razielim
Descendants Of: Raziel Flag
Clan Flag Colour: Red The Razielim flag
Territory: Name unknown (located west of the Abyss)
Following Raziel's execution, the Razielim clan disappeared from Nosgoth. Presumably they were all hunted down and killed according to Kain's orders. When he returned from the Abyss, Raziel certainly believed that to be the case.

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