Soul Reaver: Creatures and Enemies

The following creatures and enemies appeared in Soul Reaver. For information about the vampire enemies Raziel faced, see the Vampire Clans page.


Sluagh Sluagh inhabited the Spectral Realm. They were "the scavengers of the Underworld", and they fed on unfettered souls. They were largely pack hunters and quite agile, but not very intelligent.

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Vampire Wraiths

Vampire Wraiths Vampire Wraiths were vampire souls; ones that had lingered in the Spectral Realm long enough for their predatory natures to adapt to it. They had developed shape and form, and they consumed other lost souls as Raziel and the Sluagh did.

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Revived Vampires

Revived Vampires If a Vampire Wraith was allowed to re-enter its body, it became a 'Revived Vampire', retaining the power to drain Raziel's soul energy after a single hit. Revived Vampires could be identified by the blue sparks that surrounded them.

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Adepts Adepts were Vampire Worshippers who wielded their sacrificial knives as weapons. They could be found in the Silenced Cathedral.

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Novitiates Novitiates were Vampre Worshippers armed with staves. They could be found in the Silenced Cathedral.

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