Soul Reaver: Warp Gates

Warp Gates allowed Raziel to travel quickly around Nosgoth while he was hunting Kain in Soul Reaver. Once a gate had been activated, Raziel could return to it from any other gates he had located and likewise switched on. There were a total of fourteen gates scattered throughout the game, each with a unique symbol to distinguish one from another. These symbols are shown below.

Raziel could use the gates in both the Material Realm and the Spectral Realm, the only exception being the Underworld gate which was permanently Spectral due to its location. Stepping through a Material Realm gate and exiting through the Underworld gate would cause Raziel to abandon his physical body. The Soul Reaver - the wraith-blade - was the only weapon he could carry between Warp Gates.

Underworld Abyss Razielim Gate
This gate was the first Raziel found. It provided a quick exit from the Underworld.
This gate was situated between the Abyss and the Sanctuary of the Clans.
Razielim Gate
This gate was located in the ruins of Raziel's clan territory.
Melchahim Gate Human Citadel Zephonim Gate
Melchahim Gate
This gate was located in Melchiah's clan territory.
Human Citadel
This gate could be found in the upper part of the human city.
Zephonim Gate
This gate was in the caves outside of the Silenced Cathedral.
Zephon's Lair Stone Glyph Tomb of the Sarafan
Zephon's Lair
This gate was hidden in the topmost part of the Silenced Cathedral, just outside of Zephon's lair.
Stone Gylph
This gate was near the ruins of Nupraptor's Retreat, accessible by passing through Melchiah's territory.
Sarafan Tomb
This gate was hidden in a cave outside the Tomb of the Sarafan.
Rahabim Gate Sunlight Glyph Dumahim Gate
Rahabim Gate
This gate was located in Rahab's clan territory.
Sunlight Glyph
This gate was in the lighthouse area, accessible through the grate outside the Silenced Cathedral.
Dumahim Gate
This gate was situated in a cave, close to Dumah's ruined city.
Oracle's Cave Chronoplast  
Oracle's Cave
This gate was in the Oracle's caves, beyond Dumah's territory, and close to Moebius' old cauldron room.
This gate was located just outside of the Chronoplast chamber.

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