Soul Reaver 2: Creatures and Enemies

The following creatures and enemies appeared in Soul Reaver 2.


Sluagh Sluagh still prowled the Spectral Realm, but they seemed bolder. They would attack Raziel even when alone, only fleeing when they were defeated and transparent.

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Shades Shades had no souls; instead they had a glowing ball of energy within them that seemed to give them life. When Raziel defeated a Shade, this energy would flee, and its body shape would be lost.

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Demon Hunters

Demon Hunters Demon Hunters were humans who fought the demons and mutants that infested Nosgoth following Kain's refusal to sacrifice himself.

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Mutants The mutants were creatures that evolved in the decades following Kain's refusal to sacrifice himself.

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Groundlings Groundlings were Demon larvae: small creatures which consisted only of a body and a tail. They could move swiftly along the ground, and when they got close enough, they would leap at Raziel, using their tails to spring themselves into the air.

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