Soul Reaver 2: Locations

The following locations appeared in Soul Reaver 2.

The Chronoplast

The Chronoplast Raziel and Kain fought, and - in-between blows - Kain set the Chronoplast mechanisms, opening a new portal into the past. At the end of the skirmish, Kain entered the Chronoplast portal, compelling Raziel to follow.

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The Subterranean Pillars Chamber

The Subterranean Pillars Chamber The Pillars descended through the platform everyone knew about at ground level, bisecting a second platform in this secret underground chamber.

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The Subterranean Ruins

The Subterranean Ruins The ruins were huge underground complex of caves and chambers. Raziel would find that they covered at least the distance between the Pillars and the Termogent Forest Swamp.

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Uschtenheim Raziel saw Uschtenheim in two different time periods. He knew of the village's legendary status as Janos Audron's hunting ground, and reckoned that "if there was any truth to the old tales, the lair of the infamous vampire would not be far away."

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Janos' Retreat

Janos' Retreat Janos Audron's home, and where he kept the Reaver, located in the mountains north of Uschtenheim.

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The Southern Lake

The Southern Lake The Sarafan Stronghold was - at least partially - built in the waterfall-fed, fish-filled Southern Lake, and Raziel exited and re-entered the stronghold several times by swimming through its huge, half-submerged doors.

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