Soul Reaver 2: Elemental Reavers

In Soul Reaver 2 Raziel had to locate four different forges, created by the Ancient Vampires. Each one was "purpose-built to enhance the Reaver with [an] elemental power". Each forge was an elaborate puzzle, which Raziel had to solve to earn the elemental upgrade.

Once the Reaver had been imbued with an element, it retained that power until Raziel entered the Spectral Realm. However, he could re-imbue the blade at any time by bathing it in an elemental font. Each elemental Reaver (Dark, Light, Air and Fire) had different strengths and characteristics.

The Dark Reaver
Dark Forge Location: The Termogent Forest Swamp, probably not far from Vorador's Mansion The Dark Reaver
Other Uses: Blinds Sentry Eyes, activates Shadow Bridges
The Dark Reaver was the first elemental Reaver Raziel gained in Soul Reaver 2. Dark Reaver projectiles were needed to 'blind' the Sentry Eyes found in the Light and Air Forges, and also in Janos' Retreat.

The Dark Reaver also had the ability to create temporary Shadow Bridges at special locations, marked with the elemental Dark symbol.

The Light Reaver
Light Forge Location: On the bank of the Southern Lake, near the Sarafan Stronghold The Light Reaver
Other Uses: Activates Light Crystals, illuminates dark areas
Projectiles from the Light Reaver could activate crystals mounted above doors, causing the door to open. One such crystal could be seen at the beginning of the Soul Reaver 2, protecting a Time Streaming Device in the Sarafan Stronghold.

Raziel also threatened Moebius with the Light Reaver, forcing the Time Streamer to set the device for him.

The Air Reaver
Air Forge Location: The Canyons, beyond Uschtenheim and Janos' Retreat The Air Reaver
Other Uses: Activates Air Plinths, destroys compromised barriers, eases travel through the swamp
Air Reaver projectiles could be used to destroy weak barriers: those that were clearly cracked and compromised. The Air Reaver could also create strong updrafts from special vents or plinths in the ground. Raziel could exploit these updrafts and glide to high ledges by stretching out his tattered wings.

Finally, it was a good idea to have the Air Reaver equipped in the swamp; curiously it made Raziel more lightweight, and allowed him to walk through the swamp water without difficulty.

The Fire Reaver
Fire Forge Location: An antechamber of Janos' Retreat The Fire Reaver
Other Uses: Activates Fire Plinths, slightly illuminates dark areas
Janos teleported Raziel into the Fire Reaver forge when the Sarafan arrived at his retreat. Raziel hurried to imbue the wraith blade with elemental Fire, but he was not quick enough, and Janos was killed by them.

Also, the Fire Reaver was needed to clear the ice from the Sarafan Stronghold's lake entrance, when Raziel pursued the Sarafan there.

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