Artemis with his Sarafan Knight escort
Artemis with his Sarafan Knight escort

Artemis was a "nobleman of some importance" who appeared briefly in Blood Omen 2. He arrived at the Sarafan Keep on some unknown business, and he was valuable enough to have a Sarafan Knight as an escort. He was distinctive because of his blue clothing, and he seemed to be blond, with a beard. His character model was not unique in the game, however.[1,2]

Kain was at the Sarafan Keep - there on a mission to rescue Umah - when Artemis visited. In the wealthy, opulent section of the Keep, Kain found a human woman who was a sympathizer of the Cabal. He needed her to open a Ward Gate for him, but she refused to do it until Kain murdered Artemis. She claimed that Artemis was a traitor, who had "done immeasurable harm to the Cabal". She wanted his "lying tongue" to be stopped, and even told Kain to "rip out his cruel heart". Although there was no conclusive evidence, it felt like the woman's intense loathing of Artemis may have been partly due to another, more personal grudge she had against him.[1,2,3]

Kain killed Artemis. If he approached him carefully, Kain could hear the nobleman's less-than-generous opinion of the artwork he was looking at. Also, while Artemis can be a male or female name, it is most famously the name of a Greek goddess. It seems likely this was the nobleman's surname, and not his forename.


  1. [BO2] Cabal Woman: "A nobleman of some importance is visiting the Keep at this moment. He must be killed."
    Kain: "So that you may open the Ward Gate? You think me a fool? Open it."
    Cabal Woman: "He must be killed, I tell you. He is a traitor. He has done immeasurable harm to the Cabal, I swear it."
  2. [BO2] Cabal Woman: "The Ward Gate will not be opened until that man is dead, I promise you. His name is Artemis. You will know him by his blue cloak. When he is dead - when his lying tongue has been stopped - I will open this gate, and not before."
    Kain: "Apparently I have no choice."
    Cabal Woman: "Go now. Kill him, Kain. Rip out his cruel heart. Return when the deed is done."
  3. [BO2] Cabal Woman to Kain: "Don't waste my time. I know what you are. I work for the Cabal."
  4. [BO2] Artemis (referring to artwork in the Sarafan Keep): "Hm, an average imitation...
    Actually rather pathetic to the discerning eye...
    I assume the artist was jailed?"

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