Blood Omen: Characters

The following characters appeared in Blood Omen.


Kain Kain was a nobleman, assassinated by brigands outside a tavern in Ziegsturhl. The Necromancer Mortanius offered him a chance for vengeance. Kain accepted, and was resurrected as a vampire.

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Ariel In life, Ariel was the Guardian of the Pillar of Balance. Death was not the end for Ariel. Her former role bound her to the Pillars. She was trapped as a spirit, unable to leave the decaying columns.

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Mortanius the Necromancer

Mortanius the Necromancer Mortanius was the Guardian of the Pillar of Death. Resurrecting Kain as a vampire, Mortanius guided him to purge the Circle of its deranged Guardians, knowing that eventually his 'undead son' would come for him.

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Moebius the Time Streamer

Moebius the Time Streamer When Kain first met him, the Time Streamer was in the guise of the Oracle of Nosgoth. At Ariel's suggestion, Kain sought the Oracle for advice on how to defeat Malek.

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Malek the Paladin

Malek the Paladin Malek was a fanatical Sarafan priest, and Guardian of the Pillar of Conflict. He was also the Ward of the Circle of Nine, sworn to defend and protect them from their enemies.

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Vorador Kain needed to destroy Malek, so he sought Vorador on the advice of the Oracle. Five centuries earlier, Vorador had achieved a great victory over the Circle of Nine, killing six of their number and defeating the Paladin himself.

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Anarcrothe the Alchemist

Anarcrothe the Alchemist Anarcrothe was the Guardian of the Pillar of States. He experimented with his powers by dabbling in the arcane and mysterious art of alchemy, messing around with chemicals, machinery and more.

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Nupraptor the Mentalist

Nupraptor the Mentalist Nupraptor was the Guardian of the Pillar of the Mind. When Ariel was murdered, Nupraptor plunged into a turmoil of suspicion and grief. He went mad, and unleashed his magic on his fellow Guardians, infecting them all with his insanity.

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Bane the Druid

Bane the Druid Bane was the Guardian of the Pillar of Nature, and he dressed in animal skins. His power was connected to all things natural: plants and creatures, and even the weather.

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DeJoule the Energist

DeJoule the Energist DeJoule was the Guardian of the Pillar of Energy. Her magical talent was in gathering and directing energy for her own purposes. Her body glowed brightly, "with an intense blue light, constantly caressed by tongues of flickering energy".

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Azimuth the Planer

Azimuth the Planer Azimuth was the Guardian of the Pillar of Dimension. She was known as the 'Matriarch of Avernus', the city's protector and ruler of the religious autocracy.

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King Ottmar

King Ottmar Ottmar was the wise and respected king of Willendorf. Kain found him in mourning for his daughter, and a broken man. Elzevir the Dollmaker had stolen her soul.

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William the Just

William the Just The brutal tyrant known as the Nemesis had once been called King William the Just. A Time Streaming Device carried Kain fifty years into Nosgoth's past, and Kain took it upon himself to kill the young king before he could ravage the land.

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Elzevir the Dollmaker

Elzevir the Dollmaker When King Ottmar announced a dollmaking competition to celebrate his daughter's birthday, Elzevir produced the finest one of all. Taking a lock of the princess' hair as a prize, Elzevir was able to steal her soul.

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The Dark Entity

The Dark Entity The Dark Entity had possessed Mortanius. Under its control, the Necromancer had murdered Ariel. The Dark Entity had known this act would attack all of the Guardians in one move, initiating the fall of the Pillars.

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Irmok The Mad

Irmok The Mad Kain found Irmok the Mad in the north-western corner of Steinchencröe. The lunatic was intently stirring the contents of a pot. Unafraid of the vampire before him, he spoke, happily acknowledging Kain as an outcast of society like himself.

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The Princess of Willendorf

The Princess of Willendorf The Princess of Willendorf was the daughter of King Ottmar. Her soul was stolen by Elzevir and imprisoned in a doll. Kain had to kill Elzevir and retrieve it to rally the army of Willendorf against the Nemesis.

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