Blood Omen: Map of Nosgoth

These are maps of Nosgoth as it was during the time of Blood Omen, and both show the major locations that Kain visited during that game.

The first map is the most detailed example available; it identifies many minor locations and is bordered with concept art. It was a printed map included with PC versions of Blood Omen, and Prima's Official Blood Omen Strategy Guide. The map scanned for this website came from the UK PC release of Blood Omen. The US PC map didn't have the Pillar Guardians image at the bottom, and the Strategy Guide map had logos at the top (as well as being far larger than the PC maps). You can see examples of the other maps on the Blood Omen Maps page external link at The Lost Worlds.

The second (in-game) map - although less useful for reference purposes - extends a little further south.

Click on the small images below for bigger images of each map. Their filesizes are quite large (about 820kb and 250kb+, respectively), so they may take a short while to fully load.

820kb map of Nosgoth 250kb (in-game) map of Nosgoth

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