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1. In the early chapters of the game (before Kain travelled through time), how many years apart were Kain and Raziel?

2. Which elemental Reaver's spell allowed Raziel to become invisible?

3. What was the first Special Attack move acquired by Kain?

4. Where did Kain find the Lightning fragment of the Balance Emblem?

5. To whom did Raziel say "I know you well... though you do not yet know me"?

6. How many Health Talisman fragments could Kain and Raziel find each?

7. Which two Ancient Vampire Pillar Guardians did Raziel confront in the Fire Forge?

8. The Howling Heartstone was used to activate which forge's Warp Gate?

9. Where was the Vampire Citadel located in relation to the Pillars?

10. What important item did Raziel collect from the Library in Vorador's Mansion?

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